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Build Your Custom Dab Tool Kit During TAG’s Holiday Sale

If you’re a dabber looking for the best dab tools or cheapest dab rigs then coming to Thick Ass Glass’ holiday sale is going to be your best choice of the year. As an experienced dabber, you know that the right tools can make or break a good dabbing session, and that quality tools make for a better dab.

So when you’re looking at 30% off the entire store at TAG, with everything from dab rigs to ceramic nails and quartz bangers to dabbers on sale, you’re going to come out a winner. Here are just a few highlights for folks who love the dabbing scene:

Quartz Bangers

TAG big quartz bangerOne of the beautiful things about TAG is that we don’t just stock “the same old” when it comes to smoking and dabbing accessories. A prime example we should talk about here is probably the TAG 30x2mm Quartz Banger. Now, it’s important to note that this is a freakin’ big banger.

If you’re new to the dabbing game, we probably would recommend AGAINST such a huge banger, but seasoned pros asked …

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420 Vancouver battles park board over permit, strange invoice, and politics

Early Tuesday morning, the Vancouver Park Board issued a statement on the 420 Vancouver event at Sunset Beach Park- they don’t approve and much like previous years, they have refused organizer’s request for a permit. The city cites violations of its no-smoking policies and “negative consequences for park users and infrastructure” as their reasons for […]

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EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – “One More Sleep”

This week One More Sleep as Craig welcomes a gang of people including: Thompson Caribou, SeaShellSmokes, Dab Champs, Cody Van Gogh, Dabberman… and many more for a fat pre-4/20 sesh! Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at 4:20pm PT from Studio 710, for another episode of his weekly weed webcast “Expert […]

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Smoking Weed to Be Able to See

Many people today know there are healing properties in cannabis yet assume that smoking a joint is not the most medicinal route to treat an illness; that an edible, oil or capsule would be more effective… If we are talking about illnesses that affect the eyes, that assumption is wrong. What if being able to […]

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Why 4/20 is proof that cannabis, tobacco and alcohol are not the same

Have you ever heard of millions of people looking forward to smoking a bunch of cigarettes and chugging alcohol for several months? Neither did I.

Is this joke familiar to you?

-What time is it?

-It’s almost 4:20…

-Ayyyy…Blaze it!

The joke surrounding 4/20, April 20th, being a stoners holiday have been going around for a while now, or nearly 50 years as it originated in 1971 among several San Francisco high school students.

It may have started as a joke among friends, but today it has a totally different meaning and it is slowly panning out to become an international event celebrated on all sides of the globe (no, I am not a flat-Earther).

In today’s world, 4/20 is a holiday among cannabis lovers and is passionately talked about and planned for, sometimes even months ahead.

It is generally accepted as a day for celebrating cannabis and even people that usually don’t smoke cannabis, or are not often engaged in any type of substance consumption, accompany their friends in celebrating the day.

When organizing such a festivity, planners often …

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Bay Area legend E-40 headlining 420 Vancouver

The 24th annual 420 Vancouver celebration will be headlined by E-40, a Bay Area rap legend who’s been rapping for over three decades- he even has a song with 2Pac from back when Pac was still alive! E-40 is also a slang originator famous for coining words who’s influence even extends beyond hiphop.  And what […]

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Complete Guide to Using Cannabis for Fibromyalgia (Latest Research)

Imagine constantly being tired with different types of pain spreading all over your body. Your hips ache, your skin feels bruised and you never know what the next symptom will be.

That is exactly what people suffering from fibromyalgia go through on a daily basis.

Fibromyalgia, as a rheumatological condition, jeopardizes normal functioning of the human body by causing musculoskeletal pain and constant fever-like symptoms.

Having in mind that medical marijuana is commonly used for treating chronic pain and many accompanying symptoms, I decided to investigate whether it can be a viable treatment for fibromyalgia.

In this guide, we’ll explore what exactly constitutes as fibromyalgia, how it is usually treated, how cannabis can help (with more studies than you’ll ever need) and finally some of the best recommended cannabis strains for treating this condition.

So, let’s see how marijuana can help you manage your symptoms or help the ones you love.

Fibromyalgia is an ominous whirlpool of pain and suffering

The simplest way to describe fibromyalgia is having a widespread pain in ankles, joints, and muscles while feeling lethargic and …

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How To Use A Water Pipe – Knowing The Parts

How To Use A Water Pipe: All The Important Pieces

The great thing about water pipes is they come in all different sizes and types. From tall, monstrous water pipes that stand at over three feet to small, portable and easy-to-manage water pipes, they all elicit a different experience.

For example, let’s say that you’ve recently just purchased a small, simple beaker water pipe. The instructions for this one are pretty easy: add water, add your substance of choice, grab a lighter and smoke away. Other water pipe combinations may have accessories like ash catchers, drop downs, dab nails and more that may be a little daunting to take in all at once.

Don’t sweat it. We’ll walk you through it. First, we’ll explain two different types of water pipes and their various parts.

Different Water Pipes: Stemless Water Pipes vs. Stemmed Water Pipes

While the water pipes shown here look drastically different from each other, you’ll find the steps it takes to use them are basically the same. Still, you might need to understand the different parts to get

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Dab Rig vs. Water Pipe: What’s The Difference?

If you’re considering smoking or dabbing, you might wonder how a dab rig differs from a water pipe. The short answer is that a dab rig is a type of water pipe — but it’s designed specifically for smoking oils or concentrates.

While water pipes in general have a long- established history among the smoking community, dab rigs specifically are more of a recent trend and a peek into the future of smoking.

Both are great options to invest in, but depending on your smoking preferences, you’ll have a clear choice among these two popular smoking accessories.

Learn the major differences between dab rigs and water pipes and which one is right for your smoking preferences.

It’s All About What You’ll Be Smoking

First, you need to consider what you’ll be smoking with this pipe. Smokers who use water pipes primarily use them to smoke tobacco, dried herbs or flowers.

Meanwhile, if you are using a dab, also known as an oil rig, you’ll be using a legal concentrate along with wax, oil, or honey. To use the dab …

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YouTube cracks down on Cannabis content with terminations of high-profile cannabis channels

The Canadian cannabis community is reeling after some of the country’s biggest cannabis-focused channels on YouTube have been terminated for violating community guidelines- this includes Pot Tv, UrbanRemo, Mr canucks grow, and many others. That’s thousands of videos, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and millions of views- all gone in an instant! Sad news: our […]

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Tips on How to Use a Vaporizer


Some people say the best way to  smoke weed is by using a vaporizer. Because they do not smell, it is unlikely for anyone to notice that you are high. Also, what you inhale from a vaporizer is the pure THC vapor so you do not need to worry about inhaling any tar remains into your system. Vaping is better than smoking since you can avoid smoke-related diseases. Nevertheless, it is a huge adjustment for vaping beginners who relied on smoking.

Many vaporizers exist in the market depending on their sizes and designs and multiple vendors like vaporizer australia exist as well. You, therefore, need to find a vaporizer that matches your vaping needs. If you are a beginner in vaping, you need knowledge on how to approach vaping.


Choose the Best Vaping Setup

It is easier to go for cheaper vaping setups when you are trying it out for the first time but you do not need to do this. If you want quality vapes you need to open your wallet and be ready to spend. The higher …

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