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The Avid Dabber: Remembering That First Magical Dab

Hello and welcome to The Avid Dabber, a weekly column dedicated to the concentrate connoisseurs, the “hashassins,” and the dab aficionados. Here we’ll discuss everything the wide world of hash has to offer. I’ll share my favorite oils and extracts, discuss etiquette and techniques to take your dabbing experience to new heights, and we’ll test fire some of the latest hardware designed with the daily dabber in mind. Stay tuned for weekly updates and chime in on social media or the comments section below to share your own experiences.

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The Avid Dabber’s Roots

First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Will and I am The Avid Dabber (@the.avid.dabber on Instagram). I’m a co-host of Leafly’s “What Are You Smoking?” podcast, and I’ve been a passionate advocate for cannabis from the moment it was introduced to me. I’ve managed to parlay that passion into a career where I spend my days showing others all the ways that cannabis can improve your mindset and positively impact your quality of life.

Raised in the

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Build Your Custom Dab Tool Kit During TAG’s Holiday Sale

If you’re a dabber looking for the best dab tools or cheapest dab rigs then coming to Thick Ass Glass’ holiday sale is going to be your best choice of the year. As an experienced dabber, you know that the right tools can make or break a good dabbing session, and that quality tools make for a better dab.

So when you’re looking at 30% off the entire store at TAG, with everything from dab rigs to ceramic nails and quartz bangers to dabbers on sale, you’re going to come out a winner. Here are just a few highlights for folks who love the dabbing scene:

Quartz Bangers

TAG big quartz bangerOne of the beautiful things about TAG is that we don’t just stock “the same old” when it comes to smoking and dabbing accessories. A prime example we should talk about here is probably the TAG 30x2mm Quartz Banger. Now, it’s important to note that this is a freakin’ big banger.

If you’re new to the dabbing game, we probably would recommend AGAINST such a huge banger, but seasoned pros asked …

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Weed Hangover Symptoms Are Not Caused by Weed (Self Experiment)

I’ve been smoking for quite a while now and I’ve noticed since I stopped drinking liquor I haven’t had any alleged weed hangover symptoms. I’ve been wondering why is that.

Well, to find the answer, I decided to make a little test.

I wanted to see how will drinking alcohol affect my morning hangover when smoking weed and when not smoking weed.

My setup was this:

  • One night of heavy drinking (liquor included) without weed
  • One night of light drinking (beer only) without weed

This first part was not really something I was looking forward to.

I’m not a real drinker, even though I’m almost 2m tall, I could never hold my liquor.

That was something I found out rather early in my life.

Note to self: you should write more blackout stories, people love them.

OK so the next part of the experiment was:

  • One night of heavy drinking with smoking weed
  • One night of light drinking with smoking weed

This was even worse for me, but we’ll get to that. Getting cross faded always messed me up…

And …

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Exclusive Emerald Cup interview with Expert Joints and Skunk Magazine

The 14th annual Emerald Cup just wrapped up its craft cannabis-filled weekend in Sonoma County, and every year, it just keeps getting better than ever. CLN was there on the grounds with Craig Ex, the expert from Expert Joints, and Julie, from Skunk Magazine, and they told us all about their Emerald Cup experience.  Find out […]

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Prohibitionists jumping into cannabis: Change of heart or complete hypocrisy?

Now that cannabis is going to be legalized, we are seeing former high ranking RCMP and Conservative politicians- who used to rail against the ‘evils’ of cannabis while supporting or enforcing laws that put thousands of Canadians in jail (ruining lives and wasting taxpayers’ money in the process)- launching for-profit cannabis businesses of their own […]

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Hiding The Smoke Smell

Just because you enjoy a certain hobby doesn’t necessarily mean you want to broadcast it to the entire world. Many people like to keep their hobbies private, and when you’re talking smoking, you’re probably talking about some kind of stigma involved. Hence, when you enjoy legal herbs and concentrates for either recreational or pain management, you might not want the universe to know.

There are certainly eye drops you can get to minimize the redness but smell of smoke is one of those things that’s a bit harder to cover up. People who smoke tobacco run into the same issue: the smell can cling. It clings to your hair, your clothing, your shoes, vehicle; anything. There are ways to manage and minimize the smell while still enjoying your hobby to the fullest. Maybe you need to manage it for work or maybe you just don’t like the smell of it yourself. Whatever your reason, here are some handy tricks for you to try.

When It’s On Your Person

Having the smell of legal herbs clinging to your clothes can dampen

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Why Stop At One? Collecting Water Pipes & Dab Rigs

When you have a hobby that requires more than one piece of gear, it’s really easy to get caught up in collecting. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, friends. When it comes to recreational legal herbs there are many glass pipes that can not only add to your collection and serve a different functional purpose. This makes it pretty seriously easy to justify hitting up your wallet for another piece.

12" water pipe with matrix diffuserDifferent situations call for different water pipes and it’s nice to be able to handle anything that gets thrown your way. But there’s a difference in assembling a huge collection just for the hell of it, and creating somethign special. There are some basics you should think about in order to round out what you’ve got. We’ll walk you through what pieces are a must for any avid collector.

Basic is Best

If you’re into the herbs and smoke on a regular basis you’ll want to ensure you’re stocked with a basic water pipe like this. While there are many cool designs out there that work pretty awesome as …

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