Weed Hangover Symptoms Are Not Caused by Weed (Self Experiment)

Weed Hangover Symptoms Are Not Caused by Weed (Self Experiment)

I’ve been smoking for quite a while now and I’ve noticed since I stopped drinking liquor I haven’t had any alleged weed hangover symptoms. I’ve been wondering why is that.

Well, to find the answer, I decided to make a little test.

I wanted to see how will drinking alcohol affect my morning hangover when smoking weed and when not smoking weed.

My setup was this:

  • One night of heavy drinking (liquor included) without weed
  • One night of light drinking (beer only) without weed

This first part was not really something I was looking forward to.

I’m not a real drinker, even though I’m almost 2m tall, I could never hold my liquor.

That was something I found out rather early in my life.

Note to self: you should write more blackout stories, people love them.

OK so the next part of the experiment was:

  • One night of heavy drinking with smoking weed
  • One night of light drinking with smoking weed

This was even worse for me, but we’ll get to that. Getting cross faded always messed me up…

And messed up I got.

But we’ll get there.

The last and easiest part of the experiment was just straight smoking, which I knew I had no issues with so it was also the most pleasurable.

  • One night of increased weed smoking
  • One night of regular weed smoking

Obviously, this was my favorite part since I’m not much of a drinker and there wasn’t no drinking included.

Before we get into what I found, let’s quickly go over the symptoms which are most often related to weed hangovers.

Weed hangover symptoms

Five most common weed hangover symptoms are so close to regular alcohol hangovers that you probably can’t differentiate.

Here’s a list:

  1. Headache
  2. Nausea
  3. Fatigue
  4. Irritated Eyes
  5. Dehydration

When I first took a look at this list, I instantly thought to myself:

“How are these any different from a regular hangover?”

The answer is simple — when you think you’re having a weed hangover, you are most likely having an alcohol hangover.

All those symptoms can also be contributed to drinking alcohol if you smoked weed on the same night.

Experiment results

Here are the results from my experiment:

Liquor and weed

This combination usually does me dirty and so it did this time as well. I was all over the place.

The party I was going to was supposed to be pretty wild so I didn’t wanna risk smoking there, so I smoked at home right before we left.

Once we got there, I started off with whiskey, moved onto double whiskey, and then maybe 3 hours into the party I was hammered.

I puked. Like, a lot.

I also recall being offered some molly, but I was not about that life. Maybe next time.

The hangover: I felt like garbage in the morning, and I was sure it wasn’t because of weed.

Weed might have had a play, but this hangover was mostly caused by booze.

Worst morning of my month, by far.

Beer and weed

Back in my college days, this was the norm.

You couldn’t go to a house party and not see people chugging Natties and smoking blunts.

And that is exactly what I did. I rolled up a few blunts, popped a few cans of Busch Light or whatever I had at the moment, and moments later I was reliving my college days.

The hangover: not as bad as with liquor, but definitely present. I felt like my head was in a better place the night before.

Just liquor

Seeing as how I’m not a liquor guy, I decided to do this one at home, alone.

I wasn’t gonna have anyone talking how I can’t hold my liquor, even though I can’t.

I set off with a nice bottle of Captain Morgan spiced rum, and halfway through the bottle I was done.

I passed out on the couch watching TV.

The next morning I felt even worse than when I smoked and drank liquor.

The hangover: Absolutely terrible. My head was hurting so, so bad. I made a poor choice going with Captain Morgan.

The lesson here is — don’t drink cheap liquor. Better yet, don’t drink liquor at all.

Just beer

I rarely get hangovers from drinking beer only. Mainly due to the reason that I can’t get drunk from beer.

I’ve developed a tolerance towards beers during my days in Prague, and ever since I haven’t got drunk once from beer alone.

Also, every time I try getting beer-drunk, I just end up peeing a lot and more often than not babbling about how the wheat industry is getting played by the corn industry…

The hangover: I felt slightly bloated and my mouth was extremely dry. Other than that nothing much.

Regular weed night

Let’s get one thing straight, a regular weed night for me means I’m probably gonna smoke 3-5 joints within 3 hours, with a friend.

You could say we easily smoked 2-3 grams. Both of us got regularly high.

The hangover: Not present. I woke up just like any other morning. I even smoked in the morning. I asked my friend, he said the same thing…

Wake and bake till I die.

Increased weed night

This was fun, I’m not gonna lie.

I took it upon myself to smoke 5 grams as fast as I can. The first 3 grams went by pretty fast.

After that, I was having a much harder time smoking through the last 2 grams, but I made it.

I was higher than giraffe ears… It’s a Waka Flocka reference, get with the program.

The hangover: Same as the night I smoked a regular amount of weed. Not a big deal really. The only bad thing is that I had serious cottonmouth.

How long does weed hangover last?

Weed hangover lasts for a couple hours, similar length to an average alcohol hangover.

Don’t worry, the stories you might have heard about a three-day long headache or blue mondays are not true.

Hell, I often use weed in order to make my booze hangover go away! How so, you wonder?

Since marijuana makes you lightheaded and booze hangovers gives you one hell of a headache, the CBD components in weed should take away the pain from the headache.

Indica or sativa for weed hangover?

Indica strains are recommended for removing a hangover, whether it’s a booze hangover, or any other.

Sativa strains can also do wonder, but you gotta be very careful as it can also have a completely opposite effect on the headache and just make your brain work faster and hurt more.

What is the cure for weed hangover?

Have you ever wondered what is the cure for weed hangovers?

It is quite simple and cheap, really.


Water is the ultimate cure for all hangovers, but you have to drink liters and liters.

Bottled water, tap water, rain water, dip in a lake, take a run in a stream, RUN IN A STREAM MORTY!

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