Year: 2018

Mormons in Utah claim legal medicinal cannabis would “violate religious freedoms”

In Utah, there is a ballot initiative formally known as Utah Proposition 2, Medical Marijuana Initiative, where the state is set to vote on whether to legalize medicinal cannabis on Nov. 6, 2018- but it is facing growing opposition from the Mormons. [Editor’s note: CLN has previously discussed the two methods that cannabis can be […]

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Why Cannabinoid Reviews of CBD Oils for Anxiety are Essential


The CBD oil is commonly known as Cannabidiol. This product has been used as an effective treatment for anxiety problems by many peoples. It is a well-known product used for improving health conditions. The effects of anxiety still remain something to worry about because it denies you a sense of relaxation. If you use it together with other basic components, then you will enjoy exciting results.


Moreover, it will be effective in reducing any horrible anxiety that disrupts your body. In this post, we shall look at the best CBD oils for anxiety which you should consider to improve your health conditions.


SOL CBDSOL has become the best provider of Cannabidiol. It is the answer to your anxiety problem in the body. SOL Cannabidiol for anxiety review reveals how this product helps you to curb anxiety, pain, and other ailments. Through many articles and online books, this product will maintain your healthy living.


The product contains water-soluble and Ayurvedic herb combination that gives better results to your body. SOL products solve any anxiety problem and will make

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DEA quotas for 2019 to increase cannabis, reduce opioids in America

It seems common sense is spreading even to the historically anti-cannabis Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), which is increasing the amount of cannabis to be grown for scientific research next year by over 5X- from around 1,000 lbs in 2018 to 5,400 lbs in 2019, according to Forbes. That means 2019 will see 2,450,000 grams of […]

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Preserve the Herb

Dry, stale weed sucks- let’s all face it. You’ve probably wondered at some point how to best preserve your herb, unless you just came onto the cannabis scene and are used to buying perfectly manicured and cultivated cannabis from your local dispensary or from a caregiver. Whether it was that way when you purchased it, […]

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How To Clean Your Bowl After A Session

When you’ve wrapped up a smoke sesh you need to know how to clean your bowl. Understanding how to clean a bowl will help you keep things as fresh as possible so you don’t set yourself up for a nasty future sesh. Fortunately, learning the best way to clean a bowl is relatively simple. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Clean a Bowl: The Quick Clean

Most of the time, you only need to do a quick clean. Mostly it’s just about clearing out ash and trying to limit the build-up of resin so that your bowl is ready to pack and puff whenever you need it.

You should do this kind of quick, surface-level cleaning each and every time you cache your bowl before you pack it again. The primary goal of knowing how to clean a bowl is to clear out all the ash that’s in there from the sesh you just finished.

The easiest way to do this is directly into a trash can. Simply tip your bowl over the trash can and gently tap …

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Synthetic weed K2 causes 95 overdoses in 3 days at Connecticut park

95 people have overdosed on synthetic weed (also known as K2, Spice, Mr. Nice Guy and Green Giant) in the last few days at New Haven Green, a local park that’s close to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. The mass overdoses began on Tuesday with two dozen people overdosing within a 3-hour period and […]

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Poll Shows Almost 25% of Young Adults in America Consume Cannabis

A new Gallup poll has revealed that nearly one in four young adults in the United States is a cannabis user. The results of the telephone poll were released by the research company on Wednesday.

The poll found that 24 percent of adults age 18-29 years old said that they “regularly” or “occasionally” use or smoke marijuana. For all adult age groups overall, 13 percent of Americans said that they smoke pot, with 5 percent saying they used it regularly and 8 percent claiming occasional use.

Thirteen percent of those 30-49 years old said that they were cannabis users. The poll showed that 11 percent of adults 50-64 years old were weed smokers and for those 65 and older the figure was 6 percent.

By geographic region, more adults in the West, at 20 percent, admitted to using cannabis than any other area of the country. All other regions reported significantly lower and similar rates of cannabis use. In the East, 12 percent of adults said that they smoked weed. In the South, the figure was 11 percent, while 10 …

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BC could be seeing cannabis taxes and mark-ups of up to 40%

Taxes taxes taxes. We knew they were coming, but we just didn’t know how much- until now. According to reports, BC could be charging up to 40% in assorted fees, taxes, and mark-ups for their cannabis. Let’s break it down. Earlier this week, the BC government announced its plans to implement a 15% mark-up on […]

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I travelled to Berlin to see the Wall and ended up protesting for weed legalization

Berlin has been one of the hotspots for cannabis tourism for about 10 years now and the city holds a pretty large stoner population which came out to demand recreational cannabis legalization last Saturday.

As a news reporter, there’s no better feeling than when a story just writes itself—this happened to me on my trip to Germany, while I was walking through the streets of Berlin on vacation.

So, there I was leaving the German metro, also known as the U-Bahn, and while I was standing on the escalator the well-known smell of burning terpenes flooded my nostrils.

Somebody was chiefing it up in Berlin, and I was about to find out who, why, where, and if I can have some.

The smoker in me couldn’t take a beat, so I started looking for where the smell was coming from.

I started noticing people passing joints and blunts around like they are in downtown Amsterdam.

From the Alexanderplatz to the Reichstag and further within Tiergarten, there was weed in the air and at least five thousand people walking the streets, …

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How To Properly Pack a Bowl of Weed

When it comes to toking up, you can never go wrong smoking out of a glass bowl. Sure, it doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles, but it’s basically the ol’ reliable of marijuana paraphernalia.

The Number Two Ticonderoga of cannabis consumption, if you will.

While smoking out of a bowl is quite commonplace, inexperienced smokers may still not know all the small nuances of using such a device. And that’s ok. Even Cheech and Chong had to learn somewhere.

Properly packing a bowl, while not necessarily a skill, is something that does require a little bit of practice. Sometimes, the bowl gets packed too tight, sometimes, too loose, and other times, just plain sloppily. We’re here to fix some of those small errors. Before you know it, you’ll be packing the perfect bowl like it’s your day job.

Let’s take a look at how to properly pack a bowl.

How To Pack A Bowl Of Weed

Again, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how to properly pack a bowl of weed. Nonetheless, a …

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