Day: January 10, 2018

Stoner Rules 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Circle Etiquette

Ever since the widespread use of cannabis began with the hipster subculture (not the recent lame hipsters, but those from the 1940’s), and after them the beatniks, and later on the hippie movement of the 60’s, these archaic potheads developed a specific etiquette on how to smoke cannabis in the company of others.

Even though these subcultures had some pretty big differences between them, the sets of rules established by them changed very little through the decades, even to this day.

Naturally, some aspects became somewhat distorted because so much time has passed, but the core principles remained exactly as they were.

It should be noted that these orders of conduct are reserved only for sharing the cannabis flowers with other people, and they definitely don’t apply if you’re hitting the joint by your lonesome.

So if you’re smoking/dabbing/vaping by yourself, do whatever the hell you want, but if you’re not, carefully inspect these rules, because if you abide by them everyone in your circle will think you’re trés chill.

Don’t Bogart the weed

Coined because of Humphrey Bogart’s …

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