Popular Marijuana Tours and Activities in Las Vegas

Popular Marijuana Tours and Activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas


If you’re in Las Vegas and interested in medicinal or recreational cannabis, you’ve come to the right place! There are tons of marijuana friendly tours and activities in Las Vegas to take part in. Whether you are local, or you are just passing through, a decked-out marijuana tour can be lots of fun for you and the crew.

We’ve assembled a list of top marijuana friendly activities in Las Vegas, Nevada. When it comes time to do something fun, you won’t be looking for options. These marijuana tours get top reviews from their customers, come highly recommended by marijuana enthusiasts, and are sure to get the show on the road. We have profiled all of these companies extensively, and we believe in their expertise and their purpose. If you would rather stay home, and get your nuggs delivered, we’ve got a good one stop shop for you to map out your options! If you’re ready to burn some of the best kind bud in Vegas, these are your top choices!


Highway Tour Las Vegas


Owned by Michael J Stevens, a knowledgeable and experienced expert in medical and recreational marijuana, Highway Tour Las Vegas lands in the number one spot here for one reason… He offers a very personable experience. Hanging out with this guy is going to be like hanging out with your best friend, and we could tell that by his website and video. We’ve pasted a link for his YouTube video here. If you want to go hang out with somebody that knows the business and the area like none other… Michael is the coolest of the lot!


Herbology Tours

Herbology tours is a well rooted company with over 25 years of experience in the touring, entertainment, and cannabis industries. They have a stunning website, a very a professional demeanor, and a 5.0-star review with customers. If you want a weed tour that spares no expense, Herbology Tours is your best bet!


420 Tours Las Vegas


420 Tours Las Vegas offers a world-class experience, and a variety of VIP, private, and other packages. They customize their own limousines, and the insides are decked out in green and black light kits. They have got 29 reviews on Google maps alone, with an accumulative 4.9-star average. Customers are boasting their individuality and expertise, and if you want a good time, 420 Tours of Las Vegas is your go to source for that. Come roll with the pros!

Cannabus Tours

If you want some true down-home pros to show you around Vegas, introduce you to the best kind bud strains in town, and give you a truly educational tour experience, you can’t be in better hands than with Cannabus Tours, Las Vegas. These people are family, and they got the best prices in town. If you want to be taken care of, and you want to place it won’t break the bank, this is your best bet!


Other Herbal Accommodations in Las Vegas, Nevada


Now what if you don’t feel like getting out on a tour? What if you just want your medicinal or recreational marijuana… and you want it delivered. What if you don’t even feel like getting out of the hotel? We’ve got the perfect place for you!
The Hytiva Website is the perfect place to find just about everything you need marijuana related. Their services span across multiple industries, and they’re just getting started. This is an awesome website for hourly delivery of marijuana. If you need your herbals, and you don’t want to drive, you are going to land smack “dab” in the middle of heaven when you get to their website. From a company that knows Las Vegas like the back of their hand, and comes highly recommended by locals, this is the recommended best one stop shop for meds and recs when it comes to the best kind bud in Sin City!


This article should give you a pretty dead on bead when it comes to finding the best marijuana related activities and services in Vegas. If you need some expertise to get you hip to the local “greenery” we did this just for you! We spent a lot of time composing this article, and as always, we recommend only the best companies. We checked out websites, we went to social media pages, we dug through customer reviews, and we watched their videos… Bottom line… This is your winning “green team” if you want to get the best bud, and the best marijuana services while you’re in Las Vegas, Nevada! Enjoy!

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