The Basics of a Marijuana Grow

The Basics of a Marijuana Grow

Marijuana Grow


Are you looking to have a pro marijuana grow?  Well first you gotta know the basics. You too, can make the most of your extra space in the house by learning how to grow the best marijuana in town. One thing you’ll definitely want to learn is how to pot plants, and you’re sure to need to begin with a clone. So, make sure you have one of these available.

Your “Pot” Needs The Right Pot

One thing you’ll want to remember is that you’ll want to transplant your plants each time they begin to outgrow their pots. You will definitely need to find a pot that is larger than the one that you have, for you’ll want to transfer your plant to the larger pot. You’ll also want to have a pot with holes for drainage in the bottom of it. Primarily, make sure the pot is large enough for your marijuana plant to grow roots.

It Ain’t Just Dirt

The next thing that is required is having the perfect kind of soil for your marijuana plant, so that you can learn How To Grow Marijuana Properly. Make sure the soil is fluffy, airy, and light, and also make sure that it can hold water easily. You’ll also want to make sure the soil contains the three main nutrients for growing marijuana: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Healthy soil is absolutely essential.


Next, you’ll want to fill the pot. Make sure that the plants you put in the pot are about an inch or so below the top of the pot, so that you have a little room for your plant to grow. If the plant is too low, the roots won’t be able to grow, but if you plant it too high, the water will run out of the top of the pot, which will only make a mess for you.


Next, you’ll want to put the plant in the soil. You don’t want to pick up the plant by the leaves, but you’ll want to pick up the plant by the root ball, and then you can plant it in the pot. Be sure you are very gentle as you shake loose the roots, and then you can untangle the roots and put it in your new pot. Make sure you put the plant into the center of the pot.

Thirsty Buds

Next, you’ll want to water the plant. Make sure you give the plant plenty of water, and also be sure to put the plant in the sunlight or under a lamp. You’ll also want to make sure you give the plant the right kind of plant food that it needs. And also, for sure, make sure that you keep the plant watered all the time, and check on it often.


As you can see, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind as you begin to grow marijuana like a professional. If you make sure to follow these tips, you’ll be sure to always have the right kind of marijuana that you grow easily in your home or studio space. We wish you the best with all your endeavors.

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