Day: January 26, 2018

Vaporizers: How to Choose The Right One for Your Needs


Whats Important to you?

When looking at new vaporizers, there are different ways you can choose them.

One of the ways which gets advocated most by vaporizer experts, is to look for a particular type of vaporizer.

For example:

You could go for a convection vaporizer vs a conduction vaporizer, if you wanted good vapor quality.

Or you could go for a desktop vaporizer because you just want to go for the most powerful experience.

But is this really the best way to go about your search?

Well, when vaporizers were new it was, but right now it really isn’t anymore.

Because with new technology, the old rules don’t count anymore, for example:

There are conduction vaporizers which produce vapor with a great taste.

Or, there are portable vaporizers as powerful as desktop vaporizers.

The new way to decide what vaporizer you get, should be based on what you find important when vaping, then look for a vaporizer, which scores highest in the categories that you find most important.

Today you’re going to learn which different categories a vaporizer can …

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