Best Gravity Bong Ever – The Vortex Gravity Bong

Best Gravity Bong Ever – The Vortex Gravity Bong

vortex gravity bong

Everyone tries to find healthy alternatives these days, and it doesn’t stop when it comes to smoking. Technology and innovation helps those who love to smoke find stress-free and less harmful techniques to inhale their favorite herbs, tobaccos, and oils. And the newest gadget on the market combines the filtration capabilities of a vaporizer with the power a gravity bong.

The Vortex Gravity Bong

This simple-to-use device modernizes the juvenile version of your heyday gravity bong you once made from a bucket and bottle. Instead, this all-in-one smoking vessel provides you with a one-piece gravity machine.

How It Works

The design uses a drip function to transfer water without the difficulty of using your own breath to conduct the smoke. It does the work for you with a two-chamber structure (mimicking the bottle) creating a literal vortex that generates fresh, filtered smoke. As water drains to the bottom chamber (mimicking the bucket) the top section fills with an abundant hit. Your lungs rest easy during this process; they then get to reap the benefits with the healthiest and tastiest smoke you’re ever experienced.

What It Looks Like?

The best part about the vortex gravity bong is its size and portability. Being the size of a moderate bong, it can be carried with you to parties, to a friend’s house, or on your next vacation. Never worry about losing pieces as the only removable part is the bowl. Plus, the virtually unbreakable polycarbonate withstands falls and other mishaps giving you complete piece of mind that your bong will last a long time.


The translucent, straight body comes in 3 colors: blue, green, and smoke. The mouthpiece, chamber divider and base are reinforced with thick black plastic. It also has a black plastic valve attached to the outer side of the bong’s midsection. Use the valve to open the passage between both chambers and begin the ignition process. The male glass bowl sits inside the female mouthpiece and can be replaced with any generic glass bowl if broken.

How to Use It?

  1. Begin by loading water into the bottom chamber. Make sure that the valve is turned horizontal to stop water from flowing between chambers.


  1. Once the water is applied, turn the valve vertically and flip the bong or turn it on its side to allow the water to transfer to the top chamber.


  1. Close the valve again by turning it horizontal and return the bong to its right side up.


  1. Fill your bowl with your preferred smoking ingredient and place the bowl inside the mouthpiece.


  1. Turn the valve vertical so that the water drips to the bottom chamber and immediately light your bowl once.


  1. As the water drips, the top chamber will simultaneously fill with smoke.


  1. Once the water has drained completely, remove the bowl carefully as it may be hot and breath in the smoke.


Smoke the smart way without ingesting carcinogenic properties that traditional bowls, bongs, and joints provide. The gravity bong is the natural way to vaporize using water and gravity; it just doesn’t get more organic and wholesome. Plus, there is virtually no set up or battery charging; it is ready when you are with a flip of a valve.

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