How to choose The Best Weed Grinder

How to choose The Best Weed Grinder

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Herb grinders, though a fairly new accessory in the market has grown to be a useful and dependable accessory when smoking herbs – dry herbs as well as tobacco. They are designed to break down weed into small and manageable sizes that can be taken in whichever manner one sees fit. In the long run, they save time, are portable and discreet. While there is no doubt that the weed grinders work to enhance weed smoking and vaping experience, it is important that one gets the best weed grinder. No scratch that. Best is a relative word and might mean different things for different people. ‘Right’ is probably the most correct word in this case. The right herb grinder will meet your specific needs and wants but may not necessarily be the best in the market.

That said, choosing the right weed grinder for your needs and wants can prove to be a tedious process especially if you are a newbie in the industry. For this purpose, you need to be well informed to make the right choice in the shortest time possible.

So without much ado, below is a list of some factors you need to consider to choose a suitable herb grinder for your needs.


Herb grinders are designed in all sizes including extra-large, large, medium, small and mini. The size of your grinder is a critical factor to consider and it depends on what you prefer.

Now, the size of herb grinders speaks of the diameter of the grinder. If you are more of an on-the-go weed smoker (you value portability), then a small and mini grinder will work great for you. If you are just looking for a grinder to facilitate your vaping and smoking in the house on a need basis, then a grinder on the large and medium category will work just fine. If you are however a heavy weed smoker, an extra-large grinder is the only size that can meet your needs.

Before choosing a grinder size, consider what a successful smoking session means to you and get a herb grinder to match that. Given that grinders last long, they can be considered an investment. Speaking of which, you cannot afford picking the wrong herb grinder.


This is yet another important factor when choosing the right herb grinder. Yes, different herb grinders are crafted from different materials including aluminium, wood and acrylic. Of these, the most popular is aluminium. With aluminium however, you need to pay keen attention to the grade and quality of the aluminium used. Why is this? Well, there are some brands that claim to use aluminium while in fact they use a combination of metals.

Contrary to popular belief, aluminium is actually safe on herb grinders. Of the three materials, aluminium herb grinders are the most durable while acrylic herb grinders are the least durable (they are however the cheapest). Wooden grinders have a more natural feel and are perfect for those who love organic products.


Depending on the model and the make of the grinder, you will notice that they vary in the number of compartments they feature. The most common however feature 2, 3 and 4 compartments. 2-piece herb grinders are by far the most simplistic. They feature a tooth grinding compartment and a lid. The blend you smoke will be in the same compartment with the grinding teeth.

3-piece grinders on the other hand are slightly more elaborate featuring a top, grinding compartment and a herb chamber. With these grinder types, you have the benefit of having the herb separated. Your herbs do not get caught up in the teeth.

But the most functional of the three herb types is the 4-compartment grinder. It is everything a 3-ompartment grinder is but with the addition of a pollen catcher. This is simply a screen located at the bottom of the grinder which allows the pollen, herb dust and some extra shavings to fall into the 4th chamber – the pollen catcher. With the pollen catcher, no piece of your herb gets wasted. After some time, the pollen accumulates and you can use it as you please.

It is important to note that the more chambers a weed grinder features the taller it is. That said, you will notice that the 4-piece grinder is bulkier than the 2-piece herb grinder.


Yes, it comes in last in this article, but this has no bearing to its importance. As a matter of fact, budget is probably the very first factor you will have to consider before buying a brand new weed grinder. Different smokers have different opinions as to how crucial the herb grinders are to their smoking sessions. Needless to say, this inevitably affects how much one is willing to spend.

There is a misconception that has been making rounds in the internet. That one has to spend a lot of money to get a practical, fully functional and durable weed grinder. This could however not be further from the truth. With the advancements and growth that the weed accessory industry has experienced, there are lots of practical and functional weed accessories at affordable price points.

Additionally, most top grossing brands and manufacturing companies have mastered the art of providing high quality herb grinders at affordable price points. That said, it should be noted that some of the top makes and models featuring the latest herb grinders technologies will fetch higher prices. But do not let this dictate your budget. Whatever budget you have (reasonable of course), you are bound to get a great and quality weed grinder.


And with that, you have all the information you need to choose the right weed grinder. Do take your time to make a selection. Do not rush into it. Do your due diligence and read online reviews and go through all of the features the herb grinders you consider sport.

This article has provided you with a starting point and you should no longer feel the process as daunting or confusing.

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