to Optimize Your Plenty Vaporizer?

to Optimize Your Plenty Vaporizer?



The Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is one of the most popular Desktop Vaporizers on the market. Known for its powerful engineering and Top Quality vapor it comes as little surprise to see it receiving such strong reviews. Storz & Bickel are a name well renowned in the vaporizer world, since the revolutionary Volcano released in 2000 they have been at the forefront of all things vape.


Using the finest German Engineering coupled with Research & Development which has worked, Storz & Bickel products continue to rise in popularity. Vaping as whole has gained significant popularity over the last few years with more and more companies getting in on the rush. The Plenty is a model of Desktop vaporizer known for its easy maneuverability and potent vapor flavours, in this article we will take a closer look at the best ways to optimize your Plenty for the best possible results.


Sterilize Before Use

Regardless of what vaporizer you have purchased, it is highly recommended to sterilize your unit before use. During manufacture, toxins, resins and oils can remain in the unit which are not something we want influencing the taste or quality of our vapor. By simply turning the unit on at full power while the chamber is empty allows any residues to be evaporated. Once your Plenty Vaporizer is sterilized you are ready to load your chamber.


Grind Finely

Each vaporizer works best with different levels of Grind, some require a fine grind while some require a more rough or robust texture to your dried herbs. For use of the Plenty Vaporizer it is strongly recommended to grind your dried herbs as finely as possible. By grinding your herbs finely you allow for more contact area between the hot air and your herbs. If you don’t want to vape a full chamber in one sitting half pack your oven and place the Liquid Pad provided on top of your herbs. This fills the chamber ensuring your finely grinded herbs can neither be moved around the chamber or inhaled through the screen.


Long, Slow, Draws

Like with many vaporizers, the best results can be achieved through long exaggerated draws. By taking long, slow draws you are allowing for more vapor to be produced, this leads to a thicker and denser form of vapor which does not sacrifice flavor. This also prevents finer grains of your dried herbs from slipping through the screen, meaning only high quality, flavorsome vapor reaches your mouth.



Everyone has different preferences when it comes to selecting the right temperature to vape at. You must consider the consistency of your dried herbs before setting the temperature as differing levels of moisture require different temperatures for optimum vapor production. A practice I find helps to get most from my herbs is by starting at a moderate heat setting and gradually working up to higher temps. This ensures that no valuable herb is wasted in the process.


Hold the Trigger

The Plenty Vaporizer is designed to work by being turned on and activated by the Trigger. The Trigger is located at the handle of the vape and activates the heating element to kick in. Once you release the trigger the heating element begins to cool down, this is a frustrating part of the Plenty vaporizer however it does prevent your herbs from being vaped by accident. By simply holding the trigger throughout your session you are certain not to have any interruptions or frustrating wait times.


Clean Regularly

It is extremely important to clean your vaporizer after use, regardless of the make or model you are using. The Plenty Vaporizer is no different, however it is a very simple process to clean it. The Plenty is absolutely no trouble to disassemble and all its parts are very accessible. It is impossible to prevent residues being left behind while vaping however it is possible to keep on top of them. By cleaning your device at regular intervals you are ensuring its longevity.


By following these easy tips you are sure to produce the highest quality of vapor with your Plenty vaporizer. Storz & Bickel are a very well known brand in the vaping world and their reputation speaks for itself. By continually improving on their famous range, Storz & Bickel are sure to be at the top of the list for some time to come. Their Plenty Vaporizer is a perfect example of how power and performance do not have to sacrifice flavor. If you already have one, optimize it, if you haven’t get one!

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