Day: February 20, 2018

Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Oils For Dogs

CBD oils

CBD oils are extracted from the cannabis plants. The oils are widely used for treating a human being with diseases and chronic pain. CBD helps to restore ones sleeping patterns, reduce anxiety and also depression. Also, research shows that this product can also use on animals like dogs.

Here are some of the benefits that CBD oils have on dogs that you may not be aware of.

CBD oils treat cancer in dogs.

CBD is the best remedy for treating dogs with cancer. It can also be used for prolonging the life of dogs that have already been diagnosed with cancer. This is because CBD oils are high in inflammation hence helping to reduce the chances of cancer cells growing in the dog’s body. These properties also help the dog that has cancer live for longer. CBD could immediately stop the extensive growth of these cells thus causing their death.

Relives pain and anxiety.

A lot of vets recommend the use of CBD oils for dogs. It helps pets that are recuperating from an injury or has panic attacks especially …

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Seth Rogen Rips New Bong Prototype

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For those that smoke regularly, toking up the same way every day can get to be a bit monotonous. Whether it’s rolling the exact same spliff with the exact same paper, or taking huge rips courtesy of a resin-filled bubbler, smoking the same way for too long can cause one to lose the lust for the green.

However, tasting your weed from a brand new contraption can be just the thing to get your love for mary jane back on track.

For a guy like Seth Rogen, who has made it no secret he loves the ganja, and has enough money and resources to, theoretically, smoke an unlimited amount of weed, he must continue find creative new ways to consume his cannabis to keep the sparks flying. Whether it’s blazing up and watching Game of Thrones with Snoop Dogg, or just rolling up your dad’s favorite cross joint, the actor/comedian has no shortage of ways to keep his high interesting.

Recently, one of …

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Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana: What Is Cannabis?

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Cannabis, also referred to as marijuana, has been an integral part of human civilizations for millennia. Both as a medicine and as a recreational substance, cannabis is the most popular illicit drug in the world. Today, the legal landscape that has prohibited marijuana for much of the twentieth century is giving way to decriminalization and full legalization. Legal, commercial cannabis businesses are already making an enormous economic impact.

Thus, marijuana is re-emerging as an important cultural, social and political force, yet knowledge about the drug is incomplete, inconsistent and plagued by false information. As a result, the demand for trustworthy, accurate information about cannabis is at an all-time high.

This guide is an introduction to anyone looking to inform themselves about the reality of cannabis. It covers basic information about the marijuana plant, cannabis preparations, and the crucial elements of plant anatomy and science. This guide to marijuana also gives an overview of the most popular medical and recreational uses of cannabis. …

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Cannabis rules giving Too much power to local governments and landlords?

BC’s cannabis regulations give local governments the power to control cannabis in their jurisdictions, and even landlords and strata councils are getting the authority to ban smoking and growing on their premises. With legalization months away, smoking and growing cannabis in your home, apartment, or condo will be a big issue, especially in rental properties […]

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Watch This: 10 Problems Only Cannabis Smokers Understand

Here’s another stoney video from BuzzFeed titled “10 Problems Only Pot Smokers Understand,” where they, you guessed it, show relatable funny high moments that we’ve all experienced. Things like:

  • Impaired judgment, like those moments where you spend $200 on Amazon for new kitchenware despite the fact that you don’t even cook (hi)
  • Lighter thieves who ask to use yours, then disappear into the abyss with it (hi)
  • Freaking out when you get an unexpected phone call after a fresh 47 bong rips and your anxiety shoots through the roof (hi)

Also, if you get high and watch the video enough times, you’ll accidentally notice the well-played product placements (because we all get high, then leave opened packages of Oreo’s on the counter while eating an entire family-sized bag of Doritos or Lays, amirite?!).

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