Month: March 2018

What Is A Gravity Bong and How Do You Make One?

Before the abundance of highly concentrated forms of cannabis, we had to get creative to elevate highs to levels the average pipe and bong couldn’t. The only two ways to accomplish this were with the help of kief which could take a long time to accumulate and the gravity bong. There are all-glass versions you can buy that are safer to smoke. However, a homemade gravity bong typically consists of cut up plastic bottles and an aluminum foil bowl. As a result, you shouldn’t re-use them or rely on one as a regular method of consumption. In case you want a potent blast from the past or you feel like turning your smoke session into a DIY project, we’ll show you how to make a gravity bong.

What Is A Gravity Bong?

What Is A Gravity Bong and How Do You Make One?

A gravity bong comes in two different styles. The term can be used to describe both a bucket bong and a waterfall bong. Here’s how they work.

Bucket Bong

A bucket bong usually consists of the bottom half of a 2 liter of soda and the top half …

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Regina Police raid six dispensaries

On Wednesday, Mar. 28, Regina Police raided six local cannabis businesses simultaneously which resulted in the seizure of thousands of dollars and hundreds of pounds of product, in addition to temporary arrests. Charges are also expected to be laid by the end of the investigation. The affected businesses are Best Buds Society, Greentree Regina, CannaGreen […]

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Spannabis Barcelona highlights with Craig Ex

Craig Ex was in Barcelona March 9-11 for Spannabis 2018 for the first time ever, and now you can check out the exclusive highlights from his adventures at one of Spain’s biggest cannabis events. It was a packed weekend full of a few familiar faces and a ton of new people, seeds, grow gear, fertilizer, […]

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Most Popular Dab Rigs and Dab Accessories

Most Popular Dab Rigs at Thick Ass Glass

The most popular dab rigs at Thick Ass Glass consist of a variety of glass water pipes. From funky shapes and designs to classic pieces, our dab rigs are highly sought-after. One of these reasons is the quality. Our glass quality is some of the best in the business. When you purchase a dab rig from us, you know that it will last. Check out these popular dab rigs and try one yourself!


Leading off for us is the TAG – 12” Bent Neck Fixed 8 Arm Tree with a Honeycomb Perc. Try and say that one three times fast. This monster of a water pipe stands at exactly one foot high. You need all that extra space with this honeycomb percolator. This honeycomb perc water pipe is made with strong borosilicate glass to provide enhanced reliability. The bent neck allows for ease of use. This piece is not just one of our most popular dab rigs; it’s one of

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Top 4 Weirdest and Coolest Water Pipes

Top 4 Weirdest and Coolest Water Pipes

Looking for a unique water pipe for yourself, or maybe a kick-ass gift for someone else? We present to you our top four weirdest,coolest water pipes. But these babies are so much more than water pipes. They’re conversation pieces. Works of art. And anything but ordinary. Scroll through crazy colors, dizzying spirals and more.


Kicking off our coolest water pipe list is the Multiplying Inline Sextuple Recycler. At first glance, this piece is completely insane! With crisses and crosses of tubes, this may not even look like a water pipe to the untrained eye. With a plethora of recyclers, the hit gets smoother and smoother.  


The design of this water pipe varies. However, it’s efficiency is the same across the board. The Faberge Egg Klein water pipe is one of the coolest water pipes to come across your screen. Do you know what the original “Faberge” is? It’s described as a

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Most Popular Water Pipe and Dab Accessories

Most Popular Water Pipe and Dab Rig Accessories

Water pipe and dab rig accessories from Thick Ass Glass can help make your already-awesome water pipes and dab rigs even better. Add-ons like percolators, quartz bangers and more can help you enjoy your piece more. Whatever part of the experience you’re looking to improve, we’ve got an accessory for every water pipe or dab rig out there. And when you purchase a water pipe or dab rig accessory from Thick Ass Glass, you know it’ll last. Check out these popular accessories and try one yourself.


If you’re looking for a replacement water pipe slide, this one will do the trick. This water pipe accessory comes with a pinched screen, which stops excess debris from falling through and clouding the water pipe. At an affordable price, this slide even comes with a handle! You can also choose your color and size.


An extension of your dab rig, this accessory works perfectly with

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Most Popular Water Pipes for Smoking Dry Herbs

Most Popular Water Pipes for Smoking Dry Herbs

The most popular water pipes at Thick Ass Glass span a wide range of sizes and come with all different features. So there’s a little something here for everyone. Plus, our quality is unmatched. When you buy a water pipe from Thick Ass Glass, you know it’ll last. So check out these popular water pipes and try one yourself!


This water pipe is a spectacle. Whether you prefer blue, red, white or black — pick the one to suit you. This water pipe has a glass thickness of 7MM and stands at 16 inches. As you probably guessed based on the name, this water pipe has a double honeycomb disc. And there are more than 90 holes in each for extra smooth hits. It also features a cyclone spinning splash guard so that no water splashes into your mouth! Check this dry herb water pipe out now.


Sometimes, the classic water pipe does the job. There

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“WYD after smoking this?” meme is what we really do

The meme history stretches for more than a decade, and it was bound to get mixed with the weed culture. Combine that with the unprecedented power of social media, and we got ourselves a way of expressing thought that can be more powerful than many other conventional channels of communication. So, WYD after smoking this?

Memes have become a part of the culture by integrating themselves into the language and behavior of many adolescents and young adults through social media.

Coincidentally, adolescents and young adults also happen to make up most of the weed-smoking population.

So, it is easy to assume that memes will have, and have had a large impact on the last couple of generations. This is true in more than one way.

Perhaps the most popular meme that went viral was the *HITS BLUNT* meme that describes everyday questions posing a mind-blowing conundrum once thought about more thoroughly.

Also, there’s the “High Guy” we all love and know.

high guy

Marijuana has been labeled as dangerous drug for longer than anyone can remember. All the way back in the …

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Expert Joints LIVE! – “The Ultimate Episode”

This week The Ultimate Episode as Craig talks tents with Tyler from Ultimate Grow, while sampling buds from Top Leaf Canada. Creed Taylor of The People North West also stops by for ‘DabTime’ ft. Nektr Extracts and ‘Up For Review’ with Vie Vaporizers too! Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at […]

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Most Popular Quartz Bangers

Most Popular Quartz Bangers at Thick Ass Glass

When it comes to dab nails, quartz bangers are all the rage these days! With the explosion of concentrates onto the scene, we have seen more and more sales of this product. Now, our name is Thick Ass Glass, and we specialize in glass. But even we love quartz bangers. There are many reasons you might prefer a quartz banger over another type of dab nail, including durability, heat resistance, and easy cleaning. Check out our top quartz bangers below.


Take this high air flow quartz banger. You get the high quality of the TAG brand, the benefits of quartz and the added air flow for a better hit. This quartz banger is available in a variety of sizes. From 10MM to 18MM and in both male or female presets.


As an evolution of the high air flow, the trough quartz banger leaves more room for concentrates. The opening of the banger is cupped to extend the amount of …

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