How to Pass a Drug Test if You Smoke Marijuana

How to Pass a Drug Test if You Smoke Marijuana

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By now several US state have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, and 10 states have legalized it for recreational use. Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Maine Massachusetts. Washington & Washington DC, the nation’s capital. Despite the massively decriminalized state of marijuana, scores of companies both public and private test new hopeful employees for recent marijuana use. Even worse, employees who have worked at a company for years may be subject to a random drug test and could possibly face harsh consequences as a result of using cannabis, even in states where it’s decriminalized for recreational use.

Known Drug Tests in the US

Roughly 50-60 million drug tests take place in the US annually. Drug tests can use an individual’s urine, hair, blood or saliva to determine whether that same individual has recently used drugs or not. There are currently five different kinds of workplace-issued drug tests that take place in the US:

Pre-Employment Drug Tests – Intended for individuals who are being hired by a given employer.

Random Drug Tests – Also known as ‘surprise’ drug tests, these tests usually occur a day after notice is given, and on they could even be performed on the same day of their announcement in some cases. These are the hardest to beat.

Reasonable Suspicion – Tests intended for individuals whose employers suspect are using drugs.

Post-accident Drug Tests: These tests occur after a workplace incident has taken place, and are only intended for the individual who caused the incident.

Return to Duty Drug Tests: Tests intended for individuals who are returning to work after suspension due to failing a drug test.

Any employee may be tested for drugs under the aforementioned premises, and the test usually uses samples of their urine, saliva, hair and/or blood to see if they contain any by-products of recreational drugs in their system. Around three quarters of all tests are urinalyses (urine-based) – urine tests are convenient in nature and can be performed either in your own workplace or in a designated third party testing facility. About a quarter of all drug tests use hair and blood as samples, and roughly 1% of drug tests are performed on saliva.  Marijuana is ironically the most common drug tested for despite its decriminalized status across the US.

Know what Type of Test you’ll be Issued

If your workplace has issued an upcoming scheduled drug test, it’s very important to know what kind of test it will be in order to be able to beat it. It’s safe to assume that a drug tests will likely be a urinalysis since they’re the most common, but it’s always good to be sure. Asking around your workplace for what kind of test it will be will naturally raise suspicion, however some employers will inform employees on the date and nature of the test. In a worse scenario, an employer will not issue a warning of a drug test in order to conduct it as a ‘surprise’ test, and these are the hardest to beat.

Natural Detoxification

Since THC is primarily stored in fat cells and urine, a physically active lifestyle coupled with plentiful amounts of water will help accelerate your body’s natural detoxification process. Physical exercise will help your body rid itself of fat, and high water intake will prompt you to urinate more, flushing out all the THC metabolites at a faster rate. So long as you abstain from smoking and follow the detox and exercise plan we’ve provided below, your body will rid itself of all THC/THC metabolites in 4-6 weeks.

Helpful Tips:

Try to follow a vitamin C-rich diet. Vitamin C helps your body replenish its electrolytes, aiding its process in naturally detoxify itself of THC and THC metabolites.

Avoid eating fatty junk foods and red meat. Foods high in sodium, sugars and fats cause water retention and slow down the metabolism of your body. They also create more lipids in your body, which is where THC metabolites lay dormant in your body. Basically, you’ll have to quit both smoking and lay off the munchies for a while.

Teas are not only beneficial for your general health, but also help your body accelerate its natural detoxification process. Dandelion tea in particular helps your liver eliminate toxins from your body, while teas like green tea are naturally rich in antioxidants, which greatly benefit your body’s natural detoxification process.

Try to eat as much fiber as you can. A fiber-rich diet containing lentils, legumes, beans and grains will accelerate your intestinal tract, prompting you to empty your bowls more often. This is very beneficial for your body’s efforts to rid itself of THC as most THC/THC metabolites are excreted through the body via feces.

Investing in a home drug test kit is a smart idea that will help you know whether you’re prepared or not. Home drug test kits are affordable, and are available at local drug stores or online.

And finally, abstain from smoking marijuana. You’ll have to stay away from cannabis and second-hand cannabis smoke for the duration of your detoxification period. Even one seemingly harmless puff will set your body’s detoxification efforts back tremendously.

Natural Detoxification Product

If you’re reading this article then it’s likely you don’t have that much time, and are in need of a more immediate solution. This method works by relying on a daily dose of herbal supplements in conjunction with a healthy detox-centric diet. Detoxification products are available in most well-

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