Day: March 14, 2018

Another study shows that legalizing marijuana boosts the economy

Researchers at Colorado State University-Pueblo found that the marijuana industry provides a net positive financial benefit to Pueblo and significantly boosts the local economy.

Since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana several years ago we have seen the profound effects that this legislative move has had so far.

New research studies are being undertaken every month as the benefits and disadvantages of the legalization are still not yet completely confirmed or denied to this day.

However, the latest research conducted by scientists at the CSU-Pueblo has confirmed without a doubt that once cannabis gets legalized, the local economy is set to soar.

In Pueblo’s case, researchers found that a taxed and regulated cannabis industry contributed more than $58 million to the local economy.

Once we deduce the $23 million in added costs to legalization, Pueblo is still left with more than $35 million which are going back in the budget.

In fact, this very research was paid for by “cannabis money” as the taxes collected from cannabis sales are going back …

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