Day: March 26, 2018

3 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Vaping

about vaping

Since marijuana was legalized in a better part of the world, new inventions to enjoy the product have come up. In fact, a lot of people who like smoking prefer Vaping over e-cigarette since it has less effect and does not harm your body organs as compared to the cigarettes.

There are thousands of flavors of vape available at your disposal, and this gives you a chance of trying out new flavors all the time. Also, you can carry vape around the world including when flying as long you follow the aviation laws and order related to how to fly with Vaping devices. There are so many myths that talk about Vaping, but the following are three real and interesting facts that I am sure you didn’t know about Vaping.

1. Vape is different from an e-cigarette.

People tend to thinks that these items are the same because they have some similarities in a way, but their effect is entirely different. The similarities are seen in the heating area whereby both use a battery for heating the smoking substances.

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Where You Can Read Reviews of Canadian Mail Order Weed Sites

mail order weed

Many people are becoming more mindful of the plants that are available on the planet and because of this, many people have come to see weed as more of a supplement than a drug. However, the law doesn’t view the plant in the same light as the public tends to. While this may be frustrating and even ridiculous, many people have to avoid law enforcement when purchasing weed. This is especially true when placing online orders. Mail order weed in Canada is a growing service and due to this many people have begun to look for a reputable place to read reviews and buy weed in Canada through the postal service. This can sometimes be tricky to do as finding a source to trust is often stressful and risky. However, there are solutions and ways to find the best places to not only read reviews but also buy mail order weed in Canada.

A Lot Of Vendors

There are many reputable mail order weed vendors available online, and most of them have been providing mail order weed in canada for …

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NFL Player Duron Harmon Arrested For Trying to Travel With Weed

One of the New England Patriots’ breakout stars of 2017 appears to have gotten himself into a less-than-desirable legal situation over the weekend. Duron Harmon, who enjoyed a career year at free safety last season for the Pats, was arrested in Costa Rica on Friday after the defensive back attempted to enter the nation with a sizable amount of weed hidden within the confines of his luggage.

Duron Harmon Arrested

According to a report by the Costa Rican Star, Harmon attempted to enter Costa Rica with a variety of cannabis products, including 58 grams (or just over two ounces) of weed stuffed inside a can of iced tea, three pipes filled with cannabis oil, an edible, and  four containers of compressed marijuana weighing approximately 4.3 grams.

Harmon, who had originally flown out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was detained by country officials before being sent back to the United States.

Irving Malespin, the director of the Fiscal Control Police, confirmed Harmon’s arrest and ensuing deportation in a statement.

“This involved a professional NFL player, who tried to come into the …

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