Month: April 2018

Park Board Continues anti-cannabis campaign after 420

The Vancouver Park Board continued its campaign against the 420 Vancouver protest, closing the fields at Sunset Beach the day after the protest. Originally, the park board said it could take up to 10 weeks (two and a half months!) before the park was reopened to the public, but in a statement on Apr. 23, […]

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Bill 30 & Bill 31: The End of BC Bud?

British Columbia’s Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (Bill 30), and Cannabis Distribution Act (Bill 31) are two pieces of legislature nonsense modeled after the Liquor Control and Licensing Act and the Liquor Distribution Act. What was the point of consulting with BC’s underground industry if you ignored all their suggestions?  Cannabis isn’t liquor and it […]

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What Are the Benefits Of Vaping Weed?

Cannabis vaporization came into popularity when users began to realize the benefits of vaping weed versus smoking. Traditionally cannabis has always been combusted but now we have the technology to vaporize. In fact, there are portable, desktop and oil pen vaporizers for added stealth on the market now. When comparing the differences between smoking and vaping we’ll focus on dry herb vaporizers.

Smoke vs. Vapor: What Are You Inhaling?

The greatest distinction between smoking and vaping is combustion. If any combustion occurs, you’ll be inhaling more than just cannabinoids.

In fact, a study that was designed to evaluate the efficacy of herbal vaporizers illustrated it. The study used the same type of cannabis to both vaporize and smoke. What they found was the vaporized cannabis consisted of mostly cannabinoids with a trace of three other compounds. On the other hand, combusted smoke had over 111 compounds including a wide range of toxins.

One of the only advantages to smoking over vaping is it won’t cost you much up front. However, a vaporizer used over a long-term will save …

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YouTube Remains Silent as Weed Pages Are Purged

YouTube is shutting down, and issuing “strikes” against, accounts that feature marijuana or marijuana-adjacent content at an unprecedented rate. The crackdown is leaving many in the community who’ve built large subscriber bases and revenue streams wondering, “what the hell changed?”

Dontae, founder and executive producer of the cannabis entertainment and education production company Loaded Up Entertainment, told High Times that his page received three strikes over the last few months, resulting in a deletion of its YouTube channel last week. A video from the channel’s educational series about the best munchies to eat while high was the final strike, Dontae was informed days after the deletion.

“We are definitely considering moving to other platforms,” he told us. That might include sites like The WeedTube, which was created in response to cannabis censorship on YouTube. Loaded Up’s deletion “gave us an awakening call that social media platforms are just tools for us to use—and that

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Looking Into Rosin Production? Check Out PurePressure Rosin Press Machines

rosin press

Rosin is booming across the country’s legal markets. In California, its consumer landscape is being driven by a non-flower product movement that offers consumers additional products to purchase. The same can be said in Washington and Colorado. 2016 sales data noted rosin for having the third-highest share of the concentrates market with 2.5% – making it the fastest growing subcategory of the year in the states. The same positive signs popped up in Oregon where concentrates and extract flower cannibalization made up 29% of December 2017’s yield.


In short, using a rosin press is in-demand. And guess what, it also makes sense for business. With minimal overhead and a strong ROI (more on that below), a rosin press machine can soon become the obvious answer to a company looking to expand its market potential. The market is showing a shift from prerolls and flower and towards extracts and concentrates like rosin. With demand on the rise for press machines like our Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin presses, now is the time to make the investment.

Why Go

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Initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Michigan Qualifies for November Ballot


State poised to become 10th in nation and first in Midwest to make marijuana legal for adults


* Statement below from Marijuana Policy Project Executive Director Matthew Schweich *

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan State Board of Canvassers certified on Thursday that the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) has enough signatures to place an initiative that would make marijuana legal and regulated for adults on the state’s November ballot. If approved by voters, Michigan would become the first state in the Midwest with an adult-use cannabis law.

“This November, Michigan voters will have the opportunity to replace the failed policy of marijuana prohibition with a system of taxation and regulation,” said Matthew Schweich, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project and treasurer of the CRMLA committee. “With the certification process complete, we can now turn our attention to educating voters about why approving this initiative is a sensible public policy decision that serves the interests of the people of Michigan.”

In addition to allowing adults age 21 and older to possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana, …

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Canada Moves Closer to Regulating Cannabis for Non-Medical Purposes


Canada is on track to become the second country and the first G7 member to legalize and regulate cannabis for non-medical purposes (Uruguay enacted cannabis regulation in 2013). The UN drug control treaties expressly disallow the legal regulation of cannabis for non-medical uses. However, according to international drug policy experts at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and the Transnational Institute (TNI), who testified last week before Canada’s Senate, there is a path forward with regard to the country’s drug treaty obligations.

In their remarks before the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade on April 19, John Walsh, WOLA Drug Policy Program Director, and Martin Jelsma, Drugs and Democracy Programme Director at TNI, left no doubt that moving ahead with cannabis regulation will place Canada out of compliance with its obligations under the UN drug treaties. But they also emphasized that Canada has viable options for aligning its impending cannabis law reform with its international legal obligations—pointing in particular to the procedure of inter se modification. Walsh and Jelsma are among the co-authors of Balancing Treaty

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“Patients Over Profits” back for 3rd year and better than ever

The 3rd annual Patients Over Profits is coming up fast on May 19th! Hosted by Thompson Caribou Concentrates, the event is always a good time that many look forward to as a celebration of community, cannabis, and compassion because TCC donates the proceeds to charity every year. Patients Over Profits is shaping up to be […]

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What’s all this hoopla about cannabis and developing minds?

Giving the kids the day off school on 4/20 was hilarious. Every other person there was underaged.  And with “weed canons”, free products, and friends born before 1999 — checking IDs was more about public relations than anything practical. If you want to save the children get them out of state-funded “public” schools. Defund the […]

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Blunts vs. Joints: What Is The Difference?

Despite the fact that there are now several alternative ways to consume cannabis without smoking it, the classic way to consume for most people is still to roll a joint or blunt. If you’re new to smoking weed, you may be wondering what are the differences between a blunt and joint? We’ll go over the main distinctions of a blunt vs joint so you can decide which you’d prefer to roll up with.


The first difference you’ll spot between a joint and blunt is the color of the paper. Blunts are always thicker and darker in color due to the tobacco content.

Papers can vary in appearance. There are white papers which could be bleached. Unbleached papers tend to be tanner in color but thinner than blunts. There are even transparent and gold-coated papers. Certain scented rolling papers come with designs printed on them that hint at the flavor.

Blunts come in various shapes and sizes but for the most part they are tan in color. Backwoods and fronto have veins because they consist of natural leaves. Depending on …

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