Day: April 4, 2018

California produced over 13.5 million pounds of marijuana in 2016

California has been long known as the go-to state for cannabis consumers and a sort of a Mecca for cannabis growers, due to its perfect pot-growing weather conditions and rich soil. It is no surprise that the residents of the Golden State grew the most weed in the whole country in 2016.

It’s no secret that growing pot is a common thing in California, but knowing just how much weed is being grown every year would probably make Snoop Dogg choke.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency reported that state-registered marijuana growers in California grew well over 13.5 million pounds of marijuana, more than any year before.

The Feds are growing antsy

The plot thickens and DEA is actually more interested in the second part of that information — which is that only 2.5 million pounds of the whole yearly crop ended up in California.

So, what happened to the other 11 million pounds?

Well, they went up in smoke as well, just not in any of the states where smoking marijuana is legal.

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The 7 Best Things To Do On 4/20

Ahh, 4/20. Just a few weeks away. For any cannabis smoker—casual or not—the unofficial holiday is sure to put smiles on faces. Mostly, because everyone is zooted out of their minds. But for true, hardcore stoners, 4/20 is more like a second birthday.

With the landscape of the cannabis industry rapidly changing, there’s more and more cool stuff one can use to celebrate. Edibles, vape pens, new strains—you name it.

So, in honor of our favorite holiday, we decided to make this comprehensive guide for all those looking to do something other than the classic garage blunt sesh. Take a look at how to plan the ultimate 4/20.

It’s going to rule.

7. Make (And Eat) Edibles

The 7 Best Things To Do On 4/20

Edibles are key for 4/20. If you’re a regular smoker, rolling a joint or using a bong, pipe or a blunt, is pretty mundane. And for some, it’s already part of their daily routine.

4/20 is different. You’re going to want to consume your cannabis every way humanly possible. Edibles are, without a doubt, the most exciting way. You …

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Is medicinal cannabis being left behind?

Medicinal cannabis stands out from other medications because cannabis is used both medicinally and recreationally, and with recreational cannabis set to be legalized later this year, this creates a challenging regulatory environment where the government needs to balance the rights of medicinal and recreational users. The big question: Are medicinal cannabis patients being left behind […]

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