No more “boating and chill” for residents of Prince Edward Island

No more “boating and chill” for residents of Prince Edward Island

The P.E.I. government plans on installing a new government body to regulate sales of cannabis in the province, and worst of all, will be outlawing smoking cannabis on boats.

In a rather diabolical plot twist, the P.E.I. government removed several things from the list allowed by the federal government such as smoking weed on boats.

This law will apply to not only recreational but medical cannabis as well, because smoking a joint while you’re on a cruise “pollutes the air”.

This nonsensical amendment was placed alongside with several other that totally made sense, such as the one not to allow consumption of cannabis on private property when there’s a private school, at all times when students are receiving instructions.

The same law will apply for early childhood centers, both licensed and unlicensed.

Cannabis transportation and consumption

We already mentioned that you won’t be able to smoke while you are on a boat, but that is not completely true.

P.E.I government made sure to leave some legal wiggle room for those that reside inside their favorite waterborne vehicles and consume cannabis, meaning that if you live on a boat then smoking cannabis is legal in your case.

The same legislation also says that you won’t be able to consume cannabis on vacant land open to the public, which is a very loose definition.

The law clarifies that smoking cannabis in a place where smoking is prohibited under the Smoke-free Places Act will also be forbidden.

Cannabis consumers also won’t be able to use their favorite plant in their car, no matter if the car is moving or not, or even if it’s turned on. Hotboxing will be rooted out of the P.E.I. culture.

Canadians will be allowed to have cannabis within the vehicle, but it must be securely put away and not within reach and/or ready for immediate consumption.

This bill matched the consequences of driving high to those of driving drunk, meaning that anyone doing so will suffer a hard hit to their wallet and possibly some jail time.

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