Day: April 18, 2018

Smoking Weed to Be Able to See

Many people today know there are healing properties in cannabis yet assume that smoking a joint is not the most medicinal route to treat an illness; that an edible, oil or capsule would be more effective… If we are talking about illnesses that affect the eyes, that assumption is wrong. What if being able to […]

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Why 4/20 is proof that cannabis, tobacco and alcohol are not the same

Have you ever heard of millions of people looking forward to smoking a bunch of cigarettes and chugging alcohol for several months? Neither did I.

Is this joke familiar to you?

-What time is it?

-It’s almost 4:20…

-Ayyyy…Blaze it!

The joke surrounding 4/20, April 20th, being a stoners holiday have been going around for a while now, or nearly 50 years as it originated in 1971 among several San Francisco high school students.

It may have started as a joke among friends, but today it has a totally different meaning and it is slowly panning out to become an international event celebrated on all sides of the globe (no, I am not a flat-Earther).

In today’s world, 4/20 is a holiday among cannabis lovers and is passionately talked about and planned for, sometimes even months ahead.

It is generally accepted as a day for celebrating cannabis and even people that usually don’t smoke cannabis, or are not often engaged in any type of substance consumption, accompany their friends in celebrating the day.

When organizing such a festivity, planners often …

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