Day: April 23, 2018

How to Make Your Vaping a More Enjoyable Experience

girl vaping

Vaping is now a lifestyle for many people, and certainly a pleasurable way to spend leisure time on vacation. Although relatively new technology, vaporisers are popular amongst health-conscious users, as it’s easier to select the temperature of the chosen substance, unlike traditional smoking methods.

However, besides medical reasons, others simply enjoy the soothing experience that vaping offers. Here are a few ways to make vaping safer and more satisfying for yourself.

Make Sure You Understand the Instruction Manual

Many people skip reading the manual, even though this is an easy way to understand how the vaporiser has been designed, so the user can fully enjoy the experience. Remember that the manual was compiled to guide you with regards the right procedure for using the vaporiser.

While the ‘how-to’ of a device can sometimes be easy to determine, the relevant manual will help you avoid mistakes that can make your vaporiser experience less satisfying. For example, if you buy the Loto Lux – an ultramodern and multipurpose vaporiser that uses magnetic induction –  the manual clearly states that it “distributes …

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Tips on Choosing Grinders for Marijuana

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A good herb grinder is an essential tool for those who love to smoke. Believe me, it gives you a better taste, burn, smell and look that could never be achieved with your bare fingers or scissors. This is because it will chop your herb into equal sizes making it reach its highest potency and consistency. The machine will turn your beautiful buds into finer pieces thus giving you the best out of your vaporizer. If you are on the hunt for a good grinder, there is variety of features that you may need to consider.


Here is what you need to know and what to look for when shopping for a grinder:



This is how wide or large the diameter is. It all depends on your priority. If you value portability, then choose the mini or the small one. Do you want something to keep in the house for when you need it? Categorize on the medium or the large. Heavy smokers take huge amounts thus they should purchase the extra large one to manufacture plenty

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5 Reasons Why you should use Glass Bongs

glass bongs

Many people wonder, what is the big deal with using glass bongs? When glass bongs are mentioned, taste and ease of cleaning should come to mind. Glass is a good material because it carries less aftertaste, so you are able to enjoy a pure experience that is uninterrupted by a mix of flavors. Glass bongs are quite different from other choices and this is due to the additional benefits you get while using the bong.


If you were wondering why you should choose a glass bong over other materials, here are five reasons.

1. Easy to clean

The first thing you may think about when you think about glass bongs is the ease of cleaning. Hygiene is an important part of enjoying your bong and you should choose a bong that can be cleaned with ease. No other bong beats glass bongs when it comes to ease of cleaning. Plastic bongs will accumulate grime and muck, which gets difficult to clean from the walls, but with glass bongs, you will not need a lot of effort to remove any

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People of colour disproportionately targeted for cannabis arrests in Canada

An investigation by Vice News confirmed what many have suspected- that people of colour, particularly black and indigenous communities, face disproportionate arrests for cannabis across the country. Based on police data obtained through freedom of information requests, racial disparities in cannabis arrests were found, showing this is an issue that even the Great White North […]

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