5 Reasons Why you should use Glass Bongs

5 Reasons Why you should use Glass Bongs

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Many people wonder, what is the big deal with using glass bongs? When glass bongs are mentioned, taste and ease of cleaning should come to mind. Glass is a good material because it carries less aftertaste, so you are able to enjoy a pure experience that is uninterrupted by a mix of flavors. Glass bongs are quite different from other choices and this is due to the additional benefits you get while using the bong.


If you were wondering why you should choose a glass bong over other materials, here are five reasons.

1. Easy to clean

The first thing you may think about when you think about glass bongs is the ease of cleaning. Hygiene is an important part of enjoying your bong and you should choose a bong that can be cleaned with ease. No other bong beats glass bongs when it comes to ease of cleaning. Plastic bongs will accumulate grime and muck, which gets difficult to clean from the walls, but with glass bongs, you will not need a lot of effort to remove any deposits. The secret is in the material, because unlike other materials like plastic, glass will not absorb the grime, and the slippery surface allows easy removal of any deposits that might be stuck on the walls.


2. Better smoke

If you would like to enjoy a smoother smoke, then you need to consider getting a glass bong. The walls of the bong don’t heat up while the bong is in use, and this means you will enjoy a more comfortable experience as you pull the cone. The taste is clean, especially if you usually clean the bong well. Some plastic bongs heat up and the flavor of the smoke is tempered with by the plastic smell.


3. Durability

Due to the material, glass bongs are durable. A typical glass bong can last for a long time if taken care of well, and some of them persist from one generation to another. All you need is to handle the bong responsibly and take good care of it and you will enjoy an amazing experience for a long time.


4. Filtration

One of the reasons glass bongs are referred to as water pipes is because they use water for filtration. This filtration mechanism helps to cool the smoke down and it is a good thing to your health because it helps to prevent irritation on your throat. Filtration gets rid of toxins that may go into your body and wreck havoc.


5. Convenience

Glass bongs offer you convenience in the sense that you will not need to roll out a cig. Using the bong takes you less time to smoke, and while cleaning, you are able to see where stains are to apply thorough cleaning measures. Most of them are also stylish and look good in your house.


Buying a glass bong comes with a host of benefits that will help you to enjoy a better experience. One of the benefits the bong offers you is ease of cleaning. Due to the material, you can easily see stains and while cleaning it takes less effort compared to a plastic bong. Glass bongs also offer better smoke and the filtration mechanism is perfect for healthy smoking.

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