How to Make Your Vaping a More Enjoyable Experience

How to Make Your Vaping a More Enjoyable Experience

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Vaping is now a lifestyle for many people, and certainly a pleasurable way to spend leisure time on vacation. Although relatively new technology, vaporisers are popular amongst health-conscious users, as it’s easier to select the temperature of the chosen substance, unlike traditional smoking methods.

However, besides medical reasons, others simply enjoy the soothing experience that vaping offers. Here are a few ways to make vaping safer and more satisfying for yourself.

Make Sure You Understand the Instruction Manual

Many people skip reading the manual, even though this is an easy way to understand how the vaporiser has been designed, so the user can fully enjoy the experience. Remember that the manual was compiled to guide you with regards the right procedure for using the vaporiser.

While the ‘how-to’ of a device can sometimes be easy to determine, the relevant manual will help you avoid mistakes that can make your vaporiser experience less satisfying. For example, if you buy the Loto Lux – an ultramodern and multipurpose vaporiser that uses magnetic induction –  the manual clearly states that it “distributes heat more evenly than current resistance vaporisers, and requires no contact with electrical components.”

Use Temperature Control Mods

The technology to control what is inhaled and reduce potential risks is one of the main attractions of vaping and vaporisers in general. Typically, with higher temperatures, more chemical reactions and unwanted elements (such as acrolein or formaldehyde) can easily be formed.

Temperature control mods fix this problem by effectively regulating the temperature. The coil can be reached by the control mod, thus helping avoid a situation where it reaches the maximum temperature that could cause a dry puff. Once the temperature reaches the limit you’ve set, your vaporiser automatically stops firing – or its power winds down until the temperature is lowered.

Don’t inhale when you vape

A report by the Royal College of Physicians includes some interesting notes about the level of nicotine that is absorbed by the body during vaping. According to the research, nicotine can only be absorbed via the mouth and upper lungs – and not your lungs alone, as is the case with smoking. In the case of vaping, this explains why there’s just a slight increase in blood nicotine levels when compared with cigarettes. Still, be careful not to inhale when you vape. Why would you anyway?

Clean Your Vaporiser Regularly

To ensure only clean vapor is consumed, clean your vaporiser immediately after use. This is particularly important for those who are picky about the quality of vapor.

When you vape, tiny particles that accompany the vapor will stick to the vapor path and the wall of the heating chamber. The chances of this happening are higher when you use waxes, oils, and other concentrates.

Some vaporisers are sold with cleaning tools that help dispose of the used herbs and other unwanted particles in your vaporiser. The instruction manual provides directions on the best ways to clean your vaporiser; some parts (like the heating coil) can be easily damaged if the wrong techniques are applied.

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