How much money can cannabis tourism bring to Canada?

How much money can cannabis tourism bring to Canada?

Several years ago the term “cannabis tourism” was not even a thing, but today entrepreneurs and businessmen talk about the latest fad in the world of travel.

Cannabis tourism has been getting more and more popular in 2018, and it’s not like destinations with highly available marijuana weren’t already popular before the legalization kicked in.

California is one of the most visited places on the planet year in and year out, and the same goes for Colorado and Netherlands, the other two major weed states.

33% of travelers between the ages of 25-34 suggested the ability to legally use pot was why they chose to vacation to Colorado

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The Netherlands has long been the capital of weed tourism, bringing people in by the thousands for years , but considering the upcoming legalization in Canada this summer, is there a potential for weed tourism to develop to the likes of LA and Amsterdam?

Cannabis tourism vs regular tourism

Simply put, cannabis tourism is a particular branch of tourism that is focused on bringing people with interests in cannabis to Canada, and more importantly, people that are willing to spend money on government-regulated cannabis.

Regular tourism doesn’t really focus on this specific group of people and is better suited to attract people who are looking into the possibilities of visiting The Lake Louise Ski Resort and/or watching whales in Vancouver.

It is obvious that cannabis tourism focuses on a specific demographic, as people between 18 and 45 years of age are most likely to engage in this type of tourism.

That age group is also most likely to spend a significant amount of their money on cannabis while on a journey to a cannabis-friendly state.

Which attractions does cannabis tourism offer?

Attractions aren’t really the primary thing cannabis tourism is focused on. Stoners often don’t really like long walking tours or spending time in bad weather.

In the world of cannabis, tourism attractions are not the primary things your trip will revolve around, as many canna-tourists will be looking to settle down as soon as possible and hit the weed stores.

Normally, the best attraction for cannabis enthusiasts is cannabis itself.

Huge shops with lots of choices, retail spots with a variety of strains, great places where you can safely and legally consume cannabis, all those are potential attractions for canna-tourists.

Come to think of it, anything that can enhance your experience and engage with weed could be considered a potential weed attraction.

Seeing how British Columbia was always considered as one of the places to be when looking for some good bud, it is easy to assume that the most western province will also have the biggest influx of canna-tourists.

There is still no saying how much money cannabis tourism can bring into Canada’s tax system, but some stats from the previous several years can show us how certain states in the US did.

Some estimates say that only about 12% of tourists that came into Colorado made a visit to one of the many weed dispensaries in the state.

There will have to be more research and data collection done in the future in order to get an approximate number of how much can Canada actually profit from this particular branch of tourism.

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