CBD Vape Oils 101 : Why vaping Cannabinoids gained popularity in 2018

CBD Vape Oils 101 : Why vaping Cannabinoids gained popularity in 2018


Smoking cannabis has been the norm for a very long time. In fact, some old-fashioned smokers still prefer traditional smoking methods not knowing that vaping presents a better and safer smoking option. Vaping devices have on the market for some time and are gradually gaining popularity. As a result, we expect to have even more traditional smoker transitioning to smoking to vaping. Read on and learn why vaping cannabinoids continues to gain popularity, and why smokers are advised to make this switch.

Good for your health


As much as most marijuana advocates claim that smoking marijuana is safer than cigarette smoking, it has been proved that any form of smoking is in fact not good for the smoker’s and to those around them as well. Combustion products of marijuana have several carcinogens and tar in them. With the internet and numerous awareness campaigns against smoking, a good number of people that used to smoke weed have realized the need to embrace vaping for health reasons. This is among the many reasons vaping has become popular in recent years.

Ultimate discretion


Discretion is an important consideration for any cannabis user. Since vaping offers the much-needed discretion, most users find vaping to be very practical. Marijuana, like most herbs, produces a characteristic smoke when it burns. This means that you are obliged to smoke in hiding mainly due to the stigma associated with smoking weed. With CBD vape oils and vape pens, you are allowed to get your daily hits at any time considering that cannabis does not produce any odor when vaporized.



Vaping goes a long way in saving you considerable amounts of money. Well, you might be required to make an initial investment when buying a vape pen, but you will indeed be rewarded in future. This is attributed the fact that you need to bur less and get as high. Unlike smoking, vaping does not destroy as much THC and CBD molecules, so you are assured of having more or less.


Another reason that has made most cannabis users switch to vaping is the fact that it is customizable. Most smokers are accustomed to smoking only what they get. With vaping, you get the opportunity to choose the flavor of the CBD oil. Moreover, most vaporizer also allows you to set the temperature and power preferences your liking. The experience you get from on your own terms’ is timeless.


No second-hand effects


It is always good to be mindful of those around you. Unlike smoking, vaping does not produce odors and smoke. As such, using them in the presence of non-smokers does not pose any health risk. The fact that you can enjoy your hits even in the presence of close family members makes things even better.


Old-fashioned cannabis smokers have every reason to get concerned about how this otherwise simple thing has become complicated. Vaping presents a healthier, convenient, discreet, and cost-effective option, which explains why vaping cannabinoids is increasingly becoming popular. It is now your choice to make the big switch and lead a healthy life.

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