6 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaping

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaping

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Vaping has gained popularity over the years but some people still don’t know much about it. Vaping is the act of inhaling the vapour that is produced by an E – cigarette or a vaporizer. Dry herb, concentrate and an E – liquid are some of the materials you can use to produce the vapour.


Whether you vape regularly or you are just starting, here are 6 things you didn’t know about vaping:

1. Vaping has a variety of flavours

There are numerous vaping flavours to choose from depending on what you prefer. This is one of the reasons why vaping has become popular over the years (users have variable options of flavours to choose from and they are satisfied). Vaping flavour is the first thing you should consider when buying an e-liquid. Some of the most popular types of e-liquid include blueberry, single malt scotch and marshmallow.

2. Some e-liquid have nicotine

Although there are some vaping liquids that have none, most e-liquids have nicotine. Therefore, when buying a vaping liquid, you should not only consider the flavour, vapour production, PG or VG but also nicotine strength. This is because nicotine is quite addictive and toxic when used for a long period of time.

3. Vaping isn’t risk-free

Depending on the type of e-liquid/ e-cigarette you are using, you can get exposed to different health problems. Normally, it is safer to vape than to smoke but if you vape an e-liquid which contains nicotine for a long period of time, you might end up having heart, brain or lung damage. For pregnant women, preterm deliveries and stillbirths are the main risks. Therefore, it is important to choose a risk – free E – liquid and vape responsibly to avoid being exposed to any of these risks.

4. Vaping lacks quality control

Vaping is generally new and the ingredients used are not disclosed. However, some ingredients used like nicotine and other chemicals keeps the E – liquid fresher for a long time. It is advisable to buy E – liquid from a reliable manufacturer to avoid exposing yourself to any risk of low quality products.

5. Some vapers are competitive

Within the vape subculture, there are vapers who call themselves ‘cloud chasers’ who compete against each other. The entire competition is about who would produce more vapour than the other. They usually adjust their gear to produce much more vapour than one would normally. To achieve this, one has to take extravagant drags, wait for a period of time and then exhale to measure the results against themselves. Some people have even invested a lot of money in vaping spending more $3,000 to buy necessary vaping equipment and gear.

6. Vaping is safer than smoking cigarette

Although vaping is not risk-free, it is still safer than smoking cigarette. In fact, if you would like to quit smoking, vaping can help you do it with ease. You just need to use e – liquids which do not have nicotine to avoid further addiction and smoking effects. However, if you cannot quit smoking at once, you can vape as you wean yourself off of cigarettes.


It is evident that there are things you probably didn’t know about vaporizing. While vaporizing is a great experience, it is important to understand vaporizing concepts to avoid making wrong choices. Finally, if you have never smoked before, it is advisable to start vaping slowly so that you can get used to. Alternatively, you can start vaporizing non-nicotine flavours and change later on as you advance.


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