Process on How to Extract Oil From Plants Using CO2 Extraction

Process on How to Extract Oil From Plants Using CO2 Extraction



It is a common practice to extract scents or oils from many plants and herbs. Extraction methods include cold pressing, hydrodistillation, solvent extraction, and CO2 extraction. Each method has a history of its own, making the study of extractions more interesting. Some of these methods are quite ancient compared to the CO2 extraction method; involving CO2 is the best way to use. Here is why:


The CO2 extraction method offers the purest form of extract without any impurities. Carbon dioxide, as an efficient, tunable, and inexpensive solvent, is suitable for the extraction. It is also a sanitizing agent, helping the extracted essential oil last longer. Extraction is common in plants like hops, cannabis, organic crops, and nutraceuticals.

How Does It Work?

The extraction of the oil relies on supercritical carbon dioxide. The gas remains in its usual gaseous state under normal pressure. When pressurized to a great extent, it changes. This helps in dissolving the botanical components in the herbs and plants. After the extraction, a liquid residue remains. Bringing the liquid to normal temperature and pressure results in the extract. The purest natural aromatic extract of the herb or plant is then used in various other products.

What are the Advantages of CO2 Grade Essential Oils?

Today, the CO2 grade essential oils are the most popular oils in the market.


Here is a list of advantages that shows us why they are so popular:

1. 100% Natural Form

The CO2 used in the extraction is completely safe and non-toxic. It is a tunable element that is used at a low temperature. It is completely odorless and does not impart any smell to the derived product.

2. Extraction Leaves No Residues

The extraction is temperature controlled leaving no residue. Using only supercritical carbon dioxide is a big advantage. In other methods of extraction, there is a chance to have more than one residue. It may affect the environment or make disposing of the residue a chore.

3. Good for Therapy

Getting a good level of therapeutic elements from extraction is easy. It is an effective way to extract medical plants or herbs as the resultant is pure.

4. Amazing Aroma

The resulting element from the CO2 extraction is exactly like the natural herb or plant. This extraction method does not involve heat or solvents, making it closer to nature.

5. No Chance of Adulteration

There are very few components involved in the extraction. Often, petroleum derivatives like hexane or butane are used in extraction. With Carbon dioxide, there is minimal risk. A pure form of the extract is always in demand. It makes the extraction more reliable and effective.


Wrapping it up, with the CO2 extraction, you can guarantee a premium-quality essential oil. The aromatic parts of the plants like flowers, stems, leaves, roots are used for the extraction. The carrier used in the extraction is carbon dioxide, making it more reliable. Only high pressure is essential to get the desired quality of essential oils. The extraction happens at moderate temperature making it easy to handle.


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