Month: May 2018

Smoke a joint for your health!

Smoking is bad for you… except sometimes. Smoking a joint can be better for your health than not smoking anything at all; It can be even better for your body than ingesting cannabis in a different way…It just depends on the reason. One day, your body may just need you to turn on some Hendrix […]

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Crony-Capitalism in the Provinces

Why are medical-only licensed producers making deals with provincial governments for recreational sales? Why is this going on while BC Bud is waiting for the federal government to finally get around to licensing “micro” cultivators and processors? Already approved by Health Canada, the LPs came into existence as a result of government policy in 2012. […]

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Canada’s Opioid Crisis: Warning Labels, increasing deaths, better drug tests, & more

Health Canada is requiring warning labels and patient information handouts for opioids, marking a first for these kinds of medicine, which puts the pharmaceutical painkillers in a similar league as tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis. In addition, pharmaceutical companies will have to develop mandatory opioid risk management plans as well. This development is a positive step […]

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Marijuana Could Replace These Prescription Pills

prescription pills

The United States is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. These highly addictive painkillers share many of the same chemical makeup as heroin. In fact, many heroin users switch to opioids because they’re stronger. There are also over the counter painkillers, but acetaminophen (common in most OTC painkillers) comes with its own host of side effects. Increasingly, supporters are saying that medical marijuana can be an excellent replacement for prescription pills. It’s even being used as a way to wean addicts off of opioids. As marijuana continues to be passed as legal, both medically and recreationally, around the country, how might we use this natural drug to stop our tendency towards abused prescription drugs?

Researching The Problem

According to British Columbia’s Centre for Addictions Research, in a poll of 473 marijuana users, 86 percent say they used marijuana to give up at least one other substance. It’s considered a non-toxic option for numerous prescriptions—and if THC is avoided, marijuana can easily be a painkiller with none of the other side effects commonly used in recreational usage.

Chronic pain …

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Powdered Cannabis…It’s A Game Changer

powdered cannabis

We all like to get high on quality cannabis products. If you are not smoking pot, you are probably consuming it as an edible. Every stoner or any regular cannabis user know their limit. Whether they are consuming it for recreational purposes or for its medicinal value. The main problem comes when one overdoses’ of cannabis. This may happen to new cannabis edibles consumers. For new users wanting a more regulated experience, powdered cannabis may be an answer.

New cannabis users may be impatient when they have consumed cannabis edibles like cookies.

They may feel that the high is not kicking in as fast as they would want. As such, they end up consuming much more edibles than they should have. Doing so results in overdosing’ which may lead to panic attacks and extreme paranoia. That last thing you want is going through such a horrific experience. Weed is meant to be fun and relaxing. Not the other way round.


In order to avoid such scenarios. It is important to understand cannabis and how it works, but before

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Pros and Cons of California’s Legalization

California legalized cannabis in one of the best ways possible. A ballot initiative, a quick turn-around, with the ability for local governments to ban anything they don’t like within their borders. It’s this last part that rustles some jimmies. Consider it a helpful guide to distinguishing between the different political temperaments in the cannabis movement. […]

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420 Vancouver 2018 Recap

Join Craig Ex of “Expert Joints” and “Da Weed King” Freddie Pritchard as they explore all that was 420 Vancouver 2018 at beautiful Sunset Beach. Watch as Craig and Freddie make their ways through the crowds and haze, stopping along the way to visit and say hi to all of their canna-family and friends. Craig gets […]

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From the Archives: #CouchLock- Which Avengers enjoy Cannabis?

With Captain America: Civil War now in theatres, I thought the very first post for this new column #CouchLock would be about which Avengers enjoy a few puffs from cannabis. When you’re a hard working superhero, it’s nice to be able to stop and smell the buds from time-to-time. In Hollywood, smoking pot isn’t anything new, […]

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EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – “Organic Tea People”

This week Craig sips organic tea & welcomes the team from MJ Organics, as well as Tee Krispil & Creed Taylor of The People North West. Catch the high-lites from Craig and Freddie Pritchard as they show all that was Vancouver 420, 2018 and catch the entire 6+ hour live-stream including E-40 on stage. Plus […]

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How Does Marijuana Affect Blood Pressure? Here’s What Science Says

The relationship between marijuana and high blood pressure is so complex that even the experts cannot conclude if our favorite herb is safe for people who have hypertension.

Some say that cannabis increases the risk of cardiac arrest in people already suffering from high blood pressure, while others claim there aren’t nearly enough cases to prove that.

Most of the studies I found while writing this article also have opposing conclusions.

The reason being is that they have mostly been conducted on animals and usually without including other factors that often cause hypertension.

However, according to seasoned weed vets and observational studies, cannabis first slightly increases your blood pressure and then lowers it.

But that’s not nearly good enough answer.

To find out the truth behind many claims concerning this question, I decided to go through every important study dealing with the effects of weed on blood pressure and then present my findings in this guide.

Also, I’ll be looking into experiences of real users, which I believe are of the utmost importance in cases like this one.

Let’s find …

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