Month: June 2018

Why Weed makes food and sex better

Everything is better when you’re high! But have you ever stopped to wonder why? I mean, aside from the obvious answer of, well you’re phucking high, so everything’s great? Food is better with weed, sex is better with weed and life, in general, is just better with weed. This isn’t just a stoner concept either. […]

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Celebrity Moms And Dads Who Are Open About Using Marijuana

Sometimes it seems like we know the celebrities that catch our interest so well. Admit it: there are a few you can’t help but read about online, often even without meaning to. We learn their zodiac signs, hear them reveal personal life details during interviews on our favorite TV shows (they shave where?!), notice birthmarks or tattoos, discover how many kids they have, and more. And now, you don’t have to wonder if your fave celebs are fans themselves of kind bud or total strangers to it.

Celebrity Moms And Dads Who Are Open About Using Marijuana

Lorie Shaull/ Flickr

Gwen Stefani, lead singer of pop band No Doubt, two-time Grammy winner, film actress, and mom to three kids, has several songs that boast not-so-secret odes to Mary Jane, including words like “higher”, “spark”, “rolled”, “hydroponic” and “smoked”—buzzwords, indeed. Furthermore, she recorded her album, “Rock Steady” in Jamaica which is sort of ground zero for weed lovers. Why didn’t she just record it in Ohio? Is it because pot isn’t legal there? Just a guess!

Celebrity Moms And Dads Who Are Open About Using Marijuana

Eva Rinaldi/ Wikimedia Commons

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve been through …

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Your cannabis licenses, please

Health Canada recently released its regulations that aim to clarify the Cannabis Act, but at 390 pages long it’s a lot to cover, so this piece will serve as an introduction to licenses. But first, a little background Many outlets have pointed out that Health Canada’s regulations are a whopping 390 pages long, but in reality, it’s […]

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Health Canada announces cannabis regulations which include no THC limits for dried flower

On Jun. 27th, Health Canada announced new regulations in support of the Cannabis Act, which received Royal Assent last week and is scheduled to come into effect on Oct. 17, 2018. As always, the government says that one of its top priorities is protecting the health and safety of Canadians and the regulations will cover […]

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Hot Pot Products: Lights, Grinders, Journals, and Pipes

Whether you’re a grower or a casual consumer, there’s bound to be at least a dozen pot products that you would be interested in. Here are four accessories that might pique your interest.

A Simple Plan

Hot Pot Products: Lights, Grinders, Journals, and Pipes

Courtesy of Goldleaf


The best growers take meticulous notes on every aspect of their gardens in order to learn from their successes and mistakes. Chronicle your cultivation efforts with the useful and stylish Grow Planner from Goldleaf, a journal that helps you track your progress day to day and week to week. Document your feeding schedule, pest-control routine, harvest notes and much more, all on acid- and chlorine-free cream-colored paper.

Mother of Dragons

Hot Pot Products: Lights, Grinders, Journals, and Pipes

Courtesy of Scynce


LED (light-emitting diode) technology has made leaps and bounds in the last few years. By focusing on increasing yields instead of just on power-cost savings, the makers of the Dragon-LED XL120 have created a grow light that penetrates deep into the canopy for strong, healthy growth. The unit is fully tunable across a broad spectrum and projects an enormous amount of light where plants …

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What Is A Pot Nerd? And How Do You Know If You Are One?

The world of weed has its own vast vocabulary with its own jargon, slang, and codes. If you’ve been around the culture for a while, you may have heard or seen someone mention the term “pot nerd.” So what is a pot nerd? What makes somebody a pot nerd, and are you one of them?

Pot Nerd 101: What Is A Pot Nerd?

Urban Dictionary defines “pot nerd” as “a person who is extremely knowledgeable about all things weed.” That’s a pretty good definition. Short, simple, and accurate.

Pot nerds love weed so much that they’re driven to learn anything and everything about cannabis. As a result, they know probably too much about weed, and they’re always happy to talk about it, read about it, and of course, smoke it.

The pot nerd’s deep knowledge about weed comes primarily out of an even deeper, more intense love for consuming cannabis. That means that a lot of a pot nerd’s expertise comes from firsthand experience. But super hardcore pot nerds also spend time studying and learning about weed and anything related …

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BC Cannabis laws: A breakdown

Now that cannabis has been cleared by our federal government for legal sale in October, many provinces are turning their minds to the tough questions that will need to be answered in order to make this pipe dream a reality. In BC, the provincial government has already put a significant amount of thought into what legal […]

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Patients Lives Mater: What’s happening with dispensaries is despicable

Cannabis advocacy organization “Patients Lives Matter” criticized Bill C-45 and Trudeau’s government in a press conference in Ottawa this Tuesday, arguing that the government shouldn’t close down dispensaries that have been operating for years.

It’s not all fine and dandy in Canada, as legalization is starting to bring forth a new wave of complaints from the cannabis consumer market. This Tuesday, a cannabis advocacy group called “Patients Lives Matter” went on an emotional attack of the government’s Bill C-45 and the latest legislation which aims to shut down grey market dispensaries and set up government operated stores that would function in a similar manner.

A spokesperson for this advocacy group first pointed out that “Trudeau’s government will have more people arrested than Steven Harper’s ever had.”

Regarding the dispensaries being shut down to open government-run stores, he added:

“Speaking of criminalization, what’s happening with current dispensaries is not only despicable but absolutely disappointing. What reasonable body of government could see something being done across the country for years and think they could close it down and do it better with

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The Cannabis Act – Medical Access Is No High Priority

It’s a strange feeling and to be honest, I am struggling to describe it; as soon as The Cannabis Act receives Royally Assent, I could face 14 years in jail because I help manage a compassion club and we sell cannabis to sick people. We have no intention of denying life-saving medicine to our members, […]

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Is Marijuana Addictive? Here’s What the Science Says

While recreational and medical users would probably all say that there’s no such thing as a cannabis addiction, unlike them, prohibitionists are adamant that cannabis is addictive as much as other objectively harsher unnatural substances.

With this worldwide wave of cannabis legalization we’re currently witnessing (and subsequent wider acceptance by society), both the rookies in the cannabis world, and the general public are concerned about the possible addictive traits of pot. This concern is of course completely legitimate, but unfortunately the answer to this question isn’t simple at all.

In medical circles the term cannabis addiction is used in extremely rare occasions, while the phrases like cannabis use disorder and cannabis dependence are far more frequent.

So what’s the the truth here? Is cannabis addictive or not?

It very important to point out that cannabis isn’t physically addictive like heroin, cocaine or tobacco. Believe it or not, coffee (precisely caffeine) is actually more addictive than cannabis.

The most important factor in developing a cannabis addiction is an individual’s biochemistry, and approximately only one out of ten people are prone …

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