Day: July 14, 2018

BC Liquor Supplying from LPs — Have We Lost BC Bud?

The British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, the only legal wholesaler of cannabis in the province, announced Wednesday that it had begun contract negotiations with 31 licensed producers. The branch’s general manager and CEO, Blain Lawson, went as far as to announce “LDB’s commitment to working towards eliminating the illicit market.” Who is this black market? The 5% of […]

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How To Make Firecrackers

Looking to whip up a weed edible that takes the least amount of time and effort possible? Look no further than the humble firecracker, quite possibly the simplest cannabis treat you can make. Learning how to make firecrackers is easy, and for the most part foolproof. But there are some things to keep in mind to make sure the firecrackers weed doesn’t burn up, leaving you with a worthless, if tasty, snack.

Here’s How to Make Firecrackers

Let’s start with what you need to pull off an amazing firecracker recipe.

First, you’ll need some high-quality flower. If you’re making firecrackers just for yourself, about a half gram (0.5 g) should do. Use more if you’re planning to make enough to share.

Next, you need your graham crackers. Nabisco or HoneyMaid work best due to their higher fat content. Spice things up with the cinnamon version!

Finally, you need peanut butter. Go for the natural stuff with the higher amounts of fat. The higher (the fat), the better! Nutella also works well in combination with the peanut butter …

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