Month: July 2018

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms and how I fought them on vacation

My girlfriend managed to get me to go with her on an 11-day long trip to a country with absolute zero tolerance towards weed. Needless to say, marijuana withdrawal symptoms got me hard during our vacation in Turkey.

After a year filled with work and smaller trips to several places that have a friendly outlook towards cannabis, it was about that time to go again to some distant country with annoyingly strict cannabis laws and even less access to weed.

Yes, we took an early vacation and went to Turkey as we’ve heard that their beaches are nice, their beer is even nicer and their service is simply impeccable.

All of the above said was true, but the one thing that I wanted to know was how hard are marijuana withdrawal symptoms gonna hit me?

I found out, to my misfortune, that smoking daily for a prolonged period of time and then abruptly stopping is not a great way to start your vacation.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Just like any other drug, …

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CBD Oil: Benefits and Misconceptions

cdb oil

You have most probably heard about CBD or CBD oil, either through social media stories or television documentaries. It has become such a popular topic especially in the alternative medicine circles. Many people will tell you that it’s derived from cannabis, and it has many uses including working as a way to treat a variety of afflictions. CBD has proved to have many health benefits and is recommended to cancer patients, those suffering from chronic pain, and people who want to combat anxiety. However, amid these benefits you will find some misconceptions that might be misleading.


Here are some of those misconceptions that you need to watch out for.


Misconception: You can become addicted to CBD

Since it’s derived from the cannabis plant, many people assume that CBD works the same way as smoking cannabis. They link it with addiction problems, but this is not the case. Studies have proved that CBD blocks the effects of morphine that lead to addiction, and it reduces pleasure you feel when you take painkillers like morphine. This shows it could

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Crony-Capitalism in Manitoba

If you search for, “crony-capitalism” you’ll get a pretty straightforward definition: “an economic system characterized by close, mutually advantageous relationships between business leaders and government officials.” Wikipedia goes further to describe it as, “an economy in which businesses thrive not as a result of risks they take, but rather as a return on money amassed […]

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It’s High time for Adventure so check out these Elevated Canadian travel ideas

It’s almost official! Canadian adults will soon be able to ‘legally’ experience a herb that has been forced to the black market and underground for decades due to prohibition. This month, both the House and Senate signed off on legislation to bring an ‘end’ to prohibition surrounding cannabis in Canada. The legislation has been given […]

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