Day: August 13, 2018

Calgary approves major grocers like Calgary Co-op and Superstore to sell cannabis

The City of Calgary recently released a list of addresses that were approved to sell cannabis which includes some big grocery chains such as Calgary Co-op and the Real Canadian Superstore. All in all, 12 Calgary Co-ops, 7 Real Canadian Superstores, and 1 Real Canadian Liquor Store have been approved by the city, and Calgary […]

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7 Good Alternatives To Prescription Painkillers

CBD Oil Instead of painkillers

Prescription painkillers have a higher dosage of active ingredients than over-the-counter pain medication. This is often prescribed for people with serious injuries, cancer, or any chronic illnesses that are extremely unbearable. Unfortunately, you can develop tolerance with prescription painkillers. That means you will need more painkillers in order to obtain the therapeutic effect. A higher dosage of painkiller can result in unfavorable side effects such as stomach upset, suppress respiratory system, suppressed cardiovascular system, and other more deadly and unwanted side effects.


The thing about prescription pain medication is that some people tend to develop an addiction to it. These pain meds have such a high dosage of active ingredients that it can release a higher amount of chemicals from your brain. These brain chemicals can result in instant gratification, pleasure, and a pleasant high. This can easily lead to an addiction to a constant need for these medications. This is why a lot of people would randomly go to a hospital to make a fake complaint in order to get their hands on these drugs. If they can’t

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