Day: August 16, 2018

Poll Shows Almost 25% of Young Adults in America Consume Cannabis

A new Gallup poll has revealed that nearly one in four young adults in the United States is a cannabis user. The results of the telephone poll were released by the research company on Wednesday.

The poll found that 24 percent of adults age 18-29 years old said that they “regularly” or “occasionally” use or smoke marijuana. For all adult age groups overall, 13 percent of Americans said that they smoke pot, with 5 percent saying they used it regularly and 8 percent claiming occasional use.

Thirteen percent of those 30-49 years old said that they were cannabis users. The poll showed that 11 percent of adults 50-64 years old were weed smokers and for those 65 and older the figure was 6 percent.

By geographic region, more adults in the West, at 20 percent, admitted to using cannabis than any other area of the country. All other regions reported significantly lower and similar rates of cannabis use. In the East, 12 percent of adults said that they smoked weed. In the South, the figure was 11 percent, while 10 …

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BC could be seeing cannabis taxes and mark-ups of up to 40%

Taxes taxes taxes. We knew they were coming, but we just didn’t know how much- until now. According to reports, BC could be charging up to 40% in assorted fees, taxes, and mark-ups for their cannabis. Let’s break it down. Earlier this week, the BC government announced its plans to implement a 15% mark-up on […]

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I travelled to Berlin to see the Wall and ended up protesting for weed legalization

Berlin has been one of the hotspots for cannabis tourism for about 10 years now and the city holds a pretty large stoner population which came out to demand recreational cannabis legalization last Saturday.

As a news reporter, there’s no better feeling than when a story just writes itself—this happened to me on my trip to Germany, while I was walking through the streets of Berlin on vacation.

So, there I was leaving the German metro, also known as the U-Bahn, and while I was standing on the escalator the well-known smell of burning terpenes flooded my nostrils.

Somebody was chiefing it up in Berlin, and I was about to find out who, why, where, and if I can have some.

The smoker in me couldn’t take a beat, so I started looking for where the smell was coming from.

I started noticing people passing joints and blunts around like they are in downtown Amsterdam.

From the Alexanderplatz to the Reichstag and further within Tiergarten, there was weed in the air and at least five thousand people walking the streets, …

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