What to Expect in a Marijuana Dispensary

What to Expect in a Marijuana Dispensary

marijuana dispensary

If you are living in the U.S., then you have probably come across the phrase marijuana dispensary. If you are still wondering why the term marijuana dispensary, it is due to the fact that pharmacies are prohibited from prescribing it. Marijuana dispensaries are an outcome of this federal prohibition. It is at this dispensary that you will go to whenever you are in need of a cannabis product. However, such dispensaries exist only in those states that allow the use of marijuana. Here are some things to expect in case you are visiting a marijuana dispensary for the first time.

Production of Identification

With many regulations surrounding the sale and use of marijuana, you are bound to be requested to provide some form of identification. The workers at a dispensary are not likely to allow you to enter and make a purchase before confirming your identity. One of the necessary requirements is that you must be a least 21 years old. The identification document could be your U.S. I.D, military identification, or your state issued driver’s license. While some requirements may vary from one marijuana dispensary to the next, they always adhere to the minimum standards set out by the law. You may want to call the dispensary that you wish to visit ahead of time to find out what to expect to avoid considerable inconveniences.

Variation in Products

While all marijuana dispensaries primarily provide cannabis products, their product range tends to vary from one state to the next, and in some cases from one dispensary to the other. In New York, for instance, the dispensaries are not allowed to have flowers that you can smoke. What you are likely to find are derivatives such as vape pen cartridges or tinctures. Dispensaries that sell cannabis for recreational purposes are likely to have it in flower forms. They will also have it in concentrated forms such as CO2, RSO, BHO, sauce, kief, and budder, as well as any form of cannabis that you are likely to find in a medical dispensary.

Variation in the Payment Methods

Federal laws that restrict against banking for cannabis have compelled most dispensaries to limit their modes of payment to cash. However, there are those that have found ingenious ways of circumventing this hurdle by allowing their clients to make payments for their purchases via credit or debit card at an additional fee. Some will even require that you purchase special bags meant for carrying the product out of their stores for purposes of legal safety. However, you can always carry the bag with you on your next visit to avoid incurring an extra cost. Call the dispensary ahead of your visit to confirm such details especially if you are visiting the store for the first time.

Now that you have knowledge of what to expect, plan to visit a cannabis dispensary in a state where its use is legal. Buying weed legally is fun – you should try it.

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