Day: September 5, 2018

Animals getting high is proof enough that it’s a normal thing

Animals have been known to get high and drunk in various ways, whether it may be by eating fermented fruit that has fallen off the tree, or raiding poppy fields.

Humanity has been finding ways to get high, drunk or any other altered state for thousands of years, and we’ve been very successful in doing so.

We’ve had periods throughout history in which various groups and nations accepted this, and some religions are even built on the premise that we aren’t seeing the full picture while sober.

Many influential people have openly criticized others for their susceptibility towards alcoholism or drug addiction, but the truth is, we aren’t the only species to continuously do drugs.

Animals get high too

While we may have been the most successful at finding various ways to get high, this isn’t unique to humans, as animals also found ways to get high as well.

Or did they get high as a consequence of eating fermented fruits that they thought were just ripe? Either way, …

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Fight for Vancouver’s medical dispensaries begins in BC Supreme Court

The test case that could seal the fates of around 50 of Vancouver’s medical dispensaries kicked off yesterday in BC Supreme Court with lead plaintiff Karuna Health Foundation battling the City of Vancouver to remain open and continue facilitating medical cannabis patients’ right to reasonably access their medicine. The City of Vancouver wants to shut […]

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All About Cannabis Concentrates (and How to Use Them)

Cannabis concentrates come in many forms. They’ve been around for a long time but over the past few years, thanks to the Internet and the recent wave of cannabis legalization, they have rapidly gained in popularity.

Concentrates, and especially dabbing, are the new big thing in stoner circles. As the name suggests, they are concentrated THC and CBD extracts from cannabis flowers. The extracts can also contain other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Today, with new technologies and methods, cannabis concentrates are easier to make than ever before, however some of the old techniques are still in use today, such as hand rolled hash.

Concentrates are packed with several times the cannabinoids found in dried flowers; the potency of concentrates can reach up to 90%, which is why many people, even seasoned weed users, have bad experiences when they first try them.

When consumed carefully and in moderation, concentrates can be safely used by both medical and recreational users.

In this article, we’re going to explore different types of cannabis concentrates, their potency, how to use them, and I’ll …

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