Day: September 16, 2018

Bong John Wick Is the Hero Cannabis Deserves, But Not the One It Needs Right Now

Regulated cannabis dispensaries are some of the safest, most secure businesses around. But any business can be subject to attempted robbery. It’s scary and terrible, and hopefully no one gets hurt—like on Sept. 6 when four assailants tested the wrong Canadian dispensary, Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market in Shannonville, in the icy north.

According to camera footage and police reports, the four robbers stormed the store yelling “get down” and spraying a can of bear mace, figuring it would earn them immediate compliance. Wrong. Bear mace just makes big bears mad. Ditto for this particular dispensary’s store clerk/cannabis action hero, who police say hailed from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and offered “great resistance” to the attempted crime.

In the security camera footage, it’s just another slow afternoon at the market until the thieves enter, wearing all black and screaming. Bong John Wick, who was seen earlier entering the shop with the tiniest speck of a dog, nonchalantly ducks down behind the register and reaches for his defensive weapon of choice—a tough, borosilicate glass bong that must be a good 18 inches

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Massachusetts Credit Union to Provide Banking Services for Cannabis Companies

Massachusetts’ retail cannabis market is perhaps a week or two away. For Massachusetts’ cannabis consumers and business owners, the official start of retail sales has been a long time coming. For regulators and law enforcement, however, several major concerns remain unsettled. Chief among them is the well-known and oft-cited “cash problem,” the lack of access to federally-backed financial services that forces cannabis businesses to be cash-only operations. But swooping in like some deus ex machina less than a week before the Cannabis Control Commission is likely to greenlight the state’s first retail operation, one Massachusetts credit union will provide some key banking services to cannabis companies in the recreational sector.

Credit Union Services Could Get Millions in Cash Off The Streets

The Boston Globe is reporting that GFA Federal Credit Union, a federally chartered small credit union, will provide banking and financial management services to Massachusetts cannabis companies. The announcement makes GFA the first financial institution in the state to open its doors to the retail cannabis industry and comes after more than a year of preparations and research

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