Day: October 19, 2018

Some Things to Know About Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program

What’s it going to cost? How do you find a doctor? And what’s the deal with pipes and other smoking accessories?

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Cannabis Side Effects

Cannabis has side effects despite what cannabis advocates would like you to believe. Some of the most severe include a higher quality of life, an open mind, and love for humanity. If you ask me, those are some pretty severe side effects! I truly believe that consumers should know that if they start to consume […]

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RCMP is raiding cannabis stores left and right across Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is raiding and closing illegal cannabis stores just like it did before legalization.

Just because we can buy weed with our credit cards now doesn’t mean that things are that much different.

This change was definitely a change for the better, however, many Canadians are extremely unhappy with the way the federal government and the provinces are handling the situation.

This is partly due to the lack of preparation time that the provinces had.

The provincial leaders warned that this might happen. The federal government rushed too much to prepare everything needed for legalization by October 17th.

We all knew that the end result of all that rushing won’t be pretty, but we went with it anyway.

Now we are facing a lackluster shipping system, high prices, and an under-educated police force.

The biggest potential for causing issues to the public are the provincial governments.

Their inability to handle the number of licenses which businesses applied for could potentially bring people at risk.

Illegal cannabis stores are still in danger

Even though the BC …

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