Day: October 23, 2018

Careers Cannabis: An innovative platform helping Canadians find cannabis jobs

TORONTO, ON – An innovative new platform connecting job seekers with employment opportunities in the cannabis industry launched in Canada on Oct. 17. Careers Cannabis is an online job search engine, making it faster for employers and job hunters to find the right match, simplifying and improving the job search process within the cannabis sector. […]

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Dana Larsen on why he wants to end the drug war, use kratom to fight the opioid crisis, & open dispensaries for psychedelics

This is the final part of our series with Dana Larsen. In this interview, Dana tells CLN about the amazing pain-killing effects of a plant known as kratom and how it could help turn the tide against the opioid crisis, his ongoing fight to end the War on Drugs, why he wants to expand the […]

The post Dana Larsen on why he wants to end the drug war, use kratom to fight the opioid crisis, & open dispensaries for psychedelics appeared first on Cannabis Life Network.


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Mexico’s Relationship to Cannabis Leaves Citizens Uncertain About Legalization

The world has watched the success of Canada’s Bill C-45 and the spread of cannabis regulation across 30 US states. From an outside perspective, it seems Mexico would be soon to follow. But for those living there, general access to dispensaries and regulated cannabis is murky. The country’s population continues to witness the highly publicized arrests of small-time marijuana producers and activists. TV audiences are pounded by hysteric anti-drug moralizing on the news. Despite the progress of recent years, true legalization of mexa-marijuana often seems like a pipe dream.

Mexico’s legalization movement may have begun in 1985 with sociologist Juan Pablo García Vallejo’s Manifesto Pacheco (or, the Stoner’s Manifesto). The text linked the plant to Mexican counterculture and anti-capitalist forces. By the ‘90s, cultural luminaries like novelist Octavio Paz were among those calling for its acceptance. Many cited legalization as a way to reduce the power of drug cartels, whose bloody battle for US market share began to cost even more Mexican lives with the advent of President Felipe Calderon’s War on Drugs. It’s estimated that 120,000 Mexicans were

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The Story of Cannabis Prohibition: Why Was Pot Made Illegal?

In the last two decades, cannabis has taken back its rightful place as an amazingly powerful medicinal plant, but the story of how it first became illegal after millennia of free use is filled with lies, decievement, and the careful manipulation of the masses.

The reason for the unjust and illegitimate demonization of cannabis which started at the turn of the 20th century, and subsequently climaxed during the 1930’s resulting in a full-blown illegalization in the United States, was in fact a brilliantly planned, and carefully orchestrated scheme which only had profit as its core principle.

Needless to say, forcefully influencing the public’s opinion was much easier to accomplish back in the day, because the only sources of information were newspapers and books.

I recommend you take all of this with a lot of scepticism because some of these claims are quite difficult to prove. But I can honestly say as I’ve spent a significant amount of time researching this topic that some things really do add up, and when you look at the big picture, a lot of it …

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Marijuana Terms: Cannabis Terminology and Concepts Explained

As the popularity and accessibility of cannabis in Canada for both medicinal and recreational purposes continues to grow, the amount of comprehension which an average cannabis user should possess is also exponentially growing.

It’s very easy to get lost in all the new terms and technologies, and the scientific and chemistry aspects of cannabis can also appear quite perplexing.

This is especially hindering for new users who lack the accumulated knowledge of experienced consumers.

This glossary is mostly aimed towards them, and if you’re looking for any particular term, feel free to hit CTRL+F and search the text.

Let’s get to it.


Cannabis is a plant genus that envelops three separate species of plants, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis.

Flowering female sativa and indica plants are consumed for both medicinal and recreational purposes, while Cannabis ruderalis is not because of its miniscule cannabinoid levels, in direct comparison to the first two species.

Cannabis can be successfully grown practically everywhere on Earth and has been cultivated since ancient times, both for the creation of textile, fabrics and rope …

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