Best bongs under $120?

Best bongs under $120?

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Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Medical cannabis has huge potential for veterans. It can reduce chronic pain, w/out the harmful side effects of opioids, & some early reports indicate that it may even have potential as a treatment for PTSD. Unfortunately, many veterans fear discussing medical cannabis w/ doctors.”


WOW. New study finds marijuana use has NO effect on the outcomes of kidney transplants. Yet people are still being turned away because of cannabis when there’s a dire need for a larger donor pool.

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Mexico Looks To Be Next To Legalize Marijuana


Finally, Marijuana-PTSD study reaches target enrollment of 76 veterans

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Cannabis companies are paying federal taxes in cash and it’s giving the IRS a headache


Bill that would increase banking access for marijuana businesses just got another cosponsor, making a total of 20

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Massachusetts Prepares for Adult-Use Sales By End of November

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Medical Marijuana Effects on Parkinson’s Disease

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The alcohol arguement

How Cannabis Became Part of Thriving Cultures (Part 2: Ancient China)

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