Day: December 4, 2018

Altria may acquire Cronos Group soon if talks go according to plan

Tobacco producer Altria, owner of the Marlboro brand, is in early talks with the executive team of Cronos Group in regards to an acquisition.

Altria has been shopping around for a new subsidiary, or maybe even two.

First, there were rumors circling that Altria may acquire JUUL, an electronic cigarette manufacturer that spun off from Pax Labs. Earlier this year, Altria was rumored to be interested in acquiring Aurora Cannabis, but later denied that rumor.

However, this time the rumors are confirmed and true—Altria may be acquiring Cronos Group, one of the 4 Canadian LP’s listed on the US stock exchange.

Seeing how cigarette smoking has seen a downward trend in the last couple of years, Altria may be looking into diverting from tobacco and moving into cannabis.

After all, cannabis and vaping have seen an extreme rise in popularity over the last couple of years. To add to that, legislation has been moving in the same directions as well.

Did Altria give up on Aphria?

Aphria saw a 30% drop in its stock value yesterday after an article …

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Cannabis and Religion: Exploring the Religious Use of Cannabis Throughout History

Weed and religion have an ancient history that goes back thousands of years and spans across the world.

From Taoism in China, Hinduism in India to Rastafarianism in Jamaica, many different people have used cannabis in their religious ceremonies to reach a higher plane.

Read on for a detailed look at how religions have used cannabis throughout the ages.

Taoism and cannabis

One of the earliest examples of cannabis use in religion can be found in Taoism, the ancient Chinese belief system that dates back to the fourth century BCE.

Taoism is based on the philosophy of Lao Tzu, and became the official religion of China under the Tang Dynasty, which ruled between 618-907 CE. It emphasizes doing what is natural and “going with the flow” in accordance with the Tao, a cosmic force that flows through all living beings and maintains balance in the universe.

Beginning in the fourth century CE, Taoist texts mentioned using cannabis in censers, which are incense burners. According to the Taoist encyclopedia Wushang Biyao, which means “Supreme Secret Essentials,” cannabis was added to ritual …

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The Endocannabinoid System: Here’s How it Keeps You Healthy and Happy

In order to consume medical cannabis in a responsible and efficient manner, you should completely understand what exactly goes on in our body when we introduce to it the active molecules from the cannabis plant.

The way these cannabis-derived compounds interact with our organism is really astonishing.

The endocannabinoid system consists of cellular receptors that are found in very large amounts all throughout the body, and the endocannabinoids—our internal chemical compounds that entice these endocannabinoid receptors.

Because this is such a complicated topic, wrapping your head around everything requires some patience and dedication.

However, fathoming the endocannabinoid system is really rewarding and extremely beneficial to anyone looking to consume cannabis for healing purposes.

It should be taken into consideration that the science of cannabis still has a long way to go, and because of this there are some blanks waiting to be filled.

The almost century-long worldwide illegality of this plant should be held accountable for this limited body of research, and the reasons that led to the banning of cannabis are also quite sketchy.

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