Day: January 28, 2019

Is Medical Cannabis a “Miracle Drug”? You Might Be Surprised…

medical cannabis

What gets lost in all the talk about the recreational legalization of cannabis is the reason we got here in the first place: the health benefits of medical cannabis.

Many people have mixed feelings about medical cannabis – and for good reason. For decades, marijuana has been lumped together with “the drug culture” which includes heroin, cocaine, and other hard drugs. Now it is legal, yet some still associate it with the seediness of other drug use. Even medical cannabis, in the United States especially, is often prescribed with a wink.

Medical Cannabis Can Treat Many Medical Conditions

Medical professionals hate to use the word “miracle drug” for good reason. That places it in the same category as fantastical stories from the Fountain of Youth or cure-alls.

But cannabis does have many medical uses, even if they aren’t all completely understood. For real sufferers of certain diseases and health conditions, medical cannabis can help where other medications have not. Scientifically, the concept of plant-based medications occurring naturally is not a stretch – many of today’s pharmaceuticals are derived from …

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The American Dream turns Cannabis Green

The American dream: a business of your own, success, family, going all the places you want to and doing all the things you love. Aww, what a life that would be. For many people, this notion is but a dream. Owning a business of their own is a costly venture. Plus, there is no guarantee […]

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