Day: February 2, 2019

Marijuana and HIV: Much More Than Palliative Aid

Even though cannabis and cannabinoid-derived pharmaceuticals are both frequently used by HIV/AIDS patients, several studies show that something interesting happens when cannabis is consumed.

What is HIV and how is it manifested?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as the name implies, harms the immune system.

HIV produces this effect by killing specific white blood cells (CD4 T cells, otherwise known as T-Helper cells), who are in charge of destroying pathogens.

Infections are caused by either bacteria or viruses, and CD4 T cells react to those threats in two distinct ways:

  1. By releasing chemicals that inform other cells of the immune system to the site of the infection
  2. By releasing chemicals that cause other white blood cells to multiply

These newly created white blood cells create markers called antibodies, which can identify the same foreign invader throughout the body.

Antibodies attach to bacteria and viruses, but also to infected cells, marking them for destruction by the immune system.

HIV also multiplies by entering healthy CD4 T cells, and the quantity of the HIV virus in body directly determines how rapidly …

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Dining at Magokoro, the only restaurant in Japan specializing in hemp

CLN contributor Cheddar was in Japan checking out Magokoro, a small restaurant in Kamakura, a city famous for its giant Buddha statue that’s located less than an hour south of Tokyo. What makes it unique is that Magokoro is one of the only restaurants in Japan that specializes in hemp. Magokoro is a cafe/bar during […]

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