Day: February 26, 2019

Why isn’t British Columbia making money from adult use cannabis?

British Columbia has long been the hub of Canada’s cannabis production, however, since the legalization the revenues in the Western province have been falling short.

Nobody could have assumed it back when predictions were being made before legalization, but British Columbia isn’t really pulling in much money from the recreational cannabis industry.

Seeing how B.C. was always seen as Canada’s California when it comes to weed quality, the inability to make profits in the cannabis industry has caught many by surprise.

Others, however, have long foreseen this problem and warned of the incoming uphill battle against the black market growers and dealers.

Growers had nowhere to go

The problem with illegal cannabis flooding the streets of British Columbia is not a new one. In fact, it’s been going on for a while now.

In 2015, at the end of the MMPR program, there were some 20,000 assigned growers (16,000 of those were located in B.C.) supplying medical-grade cannabis and shipping it directly to patients.

In April 2015, Stephen …

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