Smoked for the first time: confusing experience.

Smoked for the first time: confusing experience.

So I smoked for the first time last Saturday. I don’t know what strain it was. I took a couple of very small bongs hits, felt nothing. Hit a dab pen, felt a little funny but not much. Then I had a FULL bong hit, felt it immediately.

I just took a seat and relaxed. Then, I felt like I was doing something wrong because I had a strange anxious feeling in my inner legs, next to my knees. I felt little random muscle twitches all over my legs, it was actually moving my legs a bit. I didn’t mind it much, I actually enjoyed the strangeness of it all. But, it didn’t feel particularly good.

Besides that, I had normal effects. Tingly feeling, odd perception of time, etc. How does my experience compare to a common smoker’s experience or your first time smoking experience?

Edit: I do have social/general anxiety, and I was with a group of people. Important to know, probably.

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