Day: March 8, 2019

7 Women On What It Takes To Succeed In The World Of Cannabis

As public sentiment toward cannabis begins to shift, the oft-discussed ideal is that everyone will have equal access to the economic opportunities that come with any burgeoning industry. But the reality is that breaking into cannabis remains tough for a whole host of reasons: Financial barriers, vague laws, and social stereotypes can dissuade would-be entrepreneurs from entering the game altogether.

And for a lot of women, those obstacles are exacerbated simply because of their gender. The solution? In many cases, it comes down to trusting your gut and pushing forward with an idea even if it’s dismissed over and over again. Below, seven women working in cannabis share their stories of success, perseverance, and what it is to be a woman within the industry.

7 Women On What It Takes To Succeed In Cannabis

Courtesy of House of Puff

Kristina Lopez Adduci

FounderHouse of Puff

It’s been less than a year since Kristina Lopez Adduci launched House of Puff, an ultra-chic line of smoking accessories that’s tailor-made for a very specific type of consumer. “I’m a mom of two twin girls who likes to unwind by lighting

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BC gets far less cannabis tax revenue than expected

The data is in for BC’s first six months of cannabis legalization and the amount of tax revenue fell far short of expectations. In the 2018/2019 budget, the BC government predicted the federal excise tax would generate $200 million for BC over the next three years. That number has been readjusted to $68 million, which […]

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NFL player caught smoking weed, quits football on live stream

The Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving was suspended last week for testing positive for THC, so he decided to quit altogether and go after the NFL and its antiquated rules.

David Irving lit up the media more than a week ago when he tested positive for marijuana on a drug test. This wouldn’t be as big of a news story if it wasn’t the first time he tested positive—he started his last 2 seasons with a 4-game suspension due to the same violation.

The Cowboys defensive tackle went live on his Instagram account once the news broke out that he would be getting a suspension once again. The suspension was going to be indefinite and could have easily ended up in him getting fired.

So, he wanted to be a step ahead and he simply quit football altogether.

Unfair testing rules

During the live feed, Irving came out in support of medical marijuana and pointed out how unfair the testing rules are when compared to the …

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First bong hits yesterday: amazing experience

Yesterday I got a ride to my friends house and he said I should try out his bong after he learned I had never used one. I had never told him of my past experiences, a few bowl hits with a bud twice, and that’s it. I took a rookie hit, and I was about as high already as the bowl hits. I took another after I passed it back and then I was really feeling it since I inhaled a bunch more. I decided I might as well get my money’s worth before I walk home in the cold weather, and I tried to really get a huge one for the road.

I coughed for a minute and got up and almost fell over trying to pick up my backpack, and stumbled out the door to walk to my house. I’m a pretty big guy so I mean, you can definately say I never run, but I was able to walk 1.5 miles, and jog another half to get home, a feat so incredible I never would have thought

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