Day: March 16, 2019

How to Make a Joint Burn Slower: 10 Simple Tips to Follow

Learning how to roll a slow-burning joint will take your current smoking experience and make it twice as pleasant.

The trick to making a joint burn longer is to pack it tightly with high-quality, nicely ground weed and to use rolling papers that burn slower.

Once all the boxes are checked, your joint will burn more evenly and the resulting high will be stronger, as you’ll have more time to break down all active compounds present in cannabis flowers.

Apply some of these 10 tips and your joints will instantly last longer.

Get quality weed

The quality of the buds you’re using is the first component to rolling a slow-burning joint. Properly cured buds burn nicely and evenly, providing longer-lasting experience.

Under-cured buds burn too slow, while old and dry weed burns much faster. So next time you go to your dispensary ask your budtender to recommend you some high-quality weed.

Use a grinder

First things first: Grinding your weed before rolling is a must. A loose grind and larger pieces of weed burn fast and uneven.

Breaking the buds …

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