Day: April 18, 2019

Crop King Seeds – 420 Vancouver

If you’re at all interested in the growing side of cannabis, you probably know of Crop King Seeds. The king himself is hard to miss with his long, grey beard and purple and gold crown. Maybe you’ve seen him on the logo, or perhaps you saw one of the king’s elusive bobbleheads, but have you […]

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The High Priestess: Celebrating 4/20 and the Pink Moon

We made it through the Retrograde and survived the shit-show of its aftermath! Puff, puff, pass to that. We’re here, it’s officially Spring, and no one can stop us from celebrating. And on this year’s 4/20 cannabis conscious day we are blessed with a particularly auspicious energy. The day before, on 4/19 in the wee hours of the morning, we are greeted with a Full Pink Moon; except this time it’s in air sign Libra…again. We had our last Full Moon in Libra on March 20th, and now we’re closing this cycle of romance, connection and harmony with another moon in the same sign.

What better way to honor and celebrate 4/20 than with a heart inspired by love, justice, and the need to share some weed? Libra after all, is ruled over by Venus; the planet of love, sexuality, beauty, and justice. This is all about feeling good and enjoying, which is what this holiday is all about.

And if you’re Jewish and celebrating Passover, which also happens to fall on 4/20, then you can totally bring a joint …

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