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The High Times Interview: Dr. Dina & Corey Thomas

Dr. Dina is the founder of the Alternative Herbal Health Services dispensary in Los Angeles as well as the inspiration for the Nancy Botwin character on the groundbreaking pot-centric show, Weeds. A noted cannabis activist, Dr. Dina has made a name for herself as both a business owner and a philanthropist. Here, setting aside the traditional HT interview format, Dr. Dina talks to her colleague Corey Thomas, the founder and CEO of the Honey Pot cannabis company and winner of multiple High Times Cannabis Cups.

Dr. Dina: I’m honored right now to be here. I’ve watched you blossom over the years as an entrepreneur. I’ve seen you build your brand from the ground up. I’m really proud of you. I think that you set a great example for so many women in the industry. And I know that as a mom, you have something stronger to fight for. You should be pretty damn proud of yourself.

Corey: Thank you.

Some girl love—we got to put it out there because it’s true. We don’t always express how proud we are

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Evergreen Cannabis Society becomes Vancouver’s first licensed dispensary

It’s been over two months since Canada officially legalized cannabis, and finally, Vancouver will get its first legal and licensed dispensary- the Evergreen Cannabis Society in Kitsilano. It’s opening this Saturday, Dec. 29, at 2868 West 4th Ave. Evergreen Cannabis Society announced their grand re-opening on Twitter, as the dispensary had to voluntarily shut down […]

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Buzzes & Bummers: 2018 Was a Wild Ride in the World of Cannabis

It took a whole lot of rolling (joints) and scrolling (old news feeds) to complete a thorough review of the most important, inspiring and infuriating stories about cannabis from the past year—and no doubt I still missed a few along the way. In my defense, 2018 has been a wild ride in the world of weed, a 12-month timespan which truly could be called “the best of times and the worst of times,” or perhaps just the highest and lowest of times.

My personal year in cannabis began on New Year’s Day, when I waited in line along with countless other Californians to buy some cannabis on the first day of legal adult-use sales. The fact that I was already stoned before I made my purchase would seem to indicate that it wasn’t exactly difficult to find cannabis in the Golden State prior to this momentous occasion, but that’s kind of besides the point.

Celebrate Buzzes With Cannabis Near You

And cannabis just kept getting legal-er and legal-er all year, including in Vermont, Michigan, Missouri, Utah, and the entire …

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Highest THC Strains: What Are the Strongest Strains in 2019?

High THC strains have always been in demand, but especially so after the Cannabis Cup events pitted the US growers against each other making it into a genuine, bona fide competition with machines doing the measuring.

At first, the Cannabis Cup was a relatively small competition in Amsterdam that started in 1988, and has been held there each year in November up until 2015.

At that time, cannabis legalization started picking up steam in the United States, which pushed cannabis production in the US to a whole another level.

After the 2014 event, Cannabis Cup became the High Times Cannabis Cup, and it was announced that in 2015 the event will be moved overseas to the United States.

Just like with anything else, when America gets involved things start to get blown out of proportion.

American growers quickly became some the biggest experts in growing weed—or maybe they already were but were just hiding in the shadows because of the way the system was set up?

Either way, the first Cannabis Cup events in the US started in the early …

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Health Canada on what’s allowed for seeds, plants, and more

Editor’s Note: The following response was provided by Andre Gagnon, media relations advisor for Health Canada. The Cannabis Act and its Regulations provide, among other things, the framework for legal access to cannabis and control and regulate its production, distribution and sale. The oversight of the cannabis supply chain is a shared responsibility across federal […]

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The harsh reality of the proposed regulations for edibles and concentrates

After months of uncertainty, the federal government has unveiled official proposals to legalize cannabis edibles. The much-awaited scheme was released on December 22, 2018, following extensive research and community consultation – and while it is reasonably in line with what many industry insiders had anticipated, there are still a number of wrinkles to iron out. […]

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Review: The Puffco Peak Promises Great Dabs in a Modern Package

While portable e-rigs and vape pens are convenient, it’s hard to give up your dab rig for an electronic device. Most electronic vaporizers give off harsh, flavorless hits compared with low-temperature dabs on a quartz nail. Because of this, concentrate connoisseurs would rather tote their glass around in Pelican cases to seshes and festivals than rely on electronic devices.

But the need for a torch and several other implements has kept less adventurous consumers away from the extract scene altogether.

Fortunately, we now have the new Puffco Peak to bridge the gap between a modern dab rig’s efficiency and the accessibility of a portable electronic vaporizer. This “smart rig” addresses many of the complications that come with using a dab rig, nail and carb cap.

No More Torches

There are several reasons why many consumers have either avoided concentrates completely or relied solely on portable devices, a common one being that people don’t want to deal with or invest in the necessary tools for dabbing. After all, using a torch comes with some risks; they’re also loud and carrying them

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“Baristas” Partners with “Flower Power” to Bring CBD Coffee to Mainstream

SEATTLE, Dec. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. (OTCPK:BCCI) and Flower Power have partnered to bring high-end CBD Coffee to the masses, launching Baristas EnrichaRoast CBD as the first of its new line of infused coffee that promotes healthy living. Unlike early more primitive attempts by others […]

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How to Deal with Memory Loss and Other Negative Effects of Cannabis

Do you tend to forget what happened when high? If the answer is yes, then that makes two of us.

As reported by Health Canada, short-term memory loss—including “impaired ability to remember, concentrate, pay attention and react quickly—have been shown to be some of the effects of cannabis use.

Although cannabis is proven to influence and increase creativity, when it comes to making and retaining new memories, things may not be so peachy.

Different types of memory

According to the Atkinson–Shiffrin model, there are three types of memory:

  • Sensory memory;
  • Short-term memory;
  • Long-term memory.

Sensory memory is the shortest type of remembrance.

It lasts for about 3 seconds, briefly holding the information obtained from the senses.

These are the memories relating to one hearing or seeing–for instance, when looking at an object briefly, and then trying to recall what it looked like.

Short-term memory lasts anywhere from 18 to 30 seconds and its function is to process sensory memory and retain information on everything a person is paying attention to at the moment.

The best example of …

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How Cannabis Inspires and Ignites Creative Fires in music and beyond

Cannabis is a lot of things to a lot of people and different for everybody. This amazing plant helps relieve pain, depression, anxiety and a plethora of other symptoms and conditions. It’s also notorious for helping spark the imagination and getting those creative juices flowing, making cannabis more than just a plant for medical benefits […]

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