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Why cannabis makes our eyes red and how to get rid of bloodshot eyes?

Before we get into the specifics of the red eye syndrome, I just wanted to say that the redness of the sclera (also known as the white of the eye) is a completely non-dangerous side effect of cannabis consumption, so if you’ve found this article to check if you’re in any immediate danger do not fret, everything is quite alright.

On the other hand, if you want to get all the facts about the “red eyes condition” stay tuned, as we’re going to cover all there is to know about this classical pot-lover giveaway.

Why do your eyes get red when you’re high

Even though many people still believe that red eyes are caused by the smoke from a joint (or a blunt or a bong), this is completely untrue, because no matter what type of consumption a person chooses, ranging from smoking, edibles, dabbing or vaping, the red eyes are gonna be there.

The reason behind the redness is actually THC.

One of the many ways that tetrahydrocannabinol affects us is that it decreases our blood pressure.…

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The Ultimate Guide to CBD for Skin Care

cbd for skin

The Ultimate Guide to CBD for Skin Care


For a long time, CBD has been used to treat a wide array of conditions. The medicinal benefits of CBD for skin care might have floated under your radar. But recent studies have suggested that the use of CBD in treating certain skin conditions proves effective where other treatments have failed. Throughout the body, there are cannabinoid receptors which respond in the most spectacular of ways when CBD is introduced into the body.


One of the worst parts of suffering from a skin condition is how little is understood about them in many cases. It can be draining both mentally and physically undergoing treatment for poorly understood conditions with mixed results from prescribed medications. To treat these conditions it is necessary to take anti-inflammatories as well as pain medication for possible painful side effects.


Using CBD for skin care solves a lot of these problems with an effective solution. The endocannabinoid system, which before now the last number of years was largely unknown and therefore unstudied, has since been …

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How to Find the Best Dry Leaf For Your Vaporizer

dry leaf vaporizer

Since marijuana was legalized in many states, dry leaf vaporizers have continued to gain popularity, especially among those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Herb vaporizers have been around for some time, but people were using them for other herbs and tobacco. One of the reasons vaporizers have become so popular lately is the fact that vaporizers are safer and cleaner than smoking directly, and people who consume marijuana and other herbs for medicinal gains view this as a plus.


For a beginner, you will find many cheap herbal vaporizers, but most of them will not offer you the performance and quality you get with high ranking devices. Good dry leaf vaporizers offer fast heating champers and include real time temperature control that can be managed through an intuitive interface. Probably you are wondering if there is a list of already reviewed and selected vaporizers that would fit in your description of a perfect setup. You can get some ideas from the Best dry herb vaporizers list shared below, but before you get there, here are some guidelines to

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Former cannabis grower Anthony Coletti on how being shot 7 times changed his life

Anthony Coletti used to be one of the biggest growers of medical cannabis in Toronto until someone tried to kill him. He got into growing in 2011, and over 3 years, he became very successful, and during those years, he eventually got involved in the underworld- he was living the high life with all of the […]

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No more “boating and chill” for residents of Prince Edward Island

The P.E.I. government plans on installing a new government body to regulate sales of cannabis in the province, and worst of all, will be outlawing smoking cannabis on boats.

In a rather diabolical plot twist, the P.E.I. government removed several things from the list allowed by the federal government such as smoking weed on boats.

This law will apply to not only recreational but medical cannabis as well, because smoking a joint while you’re on a cruise “pollutes the air”.

This nonsensical amendment was placed alongside with several other that totally made sense, such as the one not to allow consumption of cannabis on private property when there’s a private school, at all times when students are receiving instructions.

The same law will apply for early childhood centers, both licensed and unlicensed.

Cannabis transportation and consumption

We already mentioned that you won’t be able to smoke while you are on a boat, but that is not completely true.

P.E.I government made sure to leave some legal wiggle room for those …

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Rae Sremmurd drops by Studio 710 in Clip of the Week

The hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd recently dropped by Studio 710 to chop it up with Craig Ex aka the Expert of Expert Joints. The group has been busy in the past few years, racking up awards and hitting number 1 on the Billboard Top 100 with “Black Beatles“. Their highly anticipated album, SR3MM, is due sometime this year. […]

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Chef Travis Petersen, aka the Nomad Cook, brings cannabis-infused fine dining to Vancouver

Chef Travis Petersen, also known as the Nomad Cook, is one of Canada’s up-and-coming chefs- he made the top 20 in season 3 of Masterchef Canada and cooked for Vancouver’s Dinner in the Sky in 2017- and he’s bringing a 6-course THC-infused dinner to Vancouver this 4/20 weekend. CLN interviewed him on everything from pans to potheads, […]

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Grassdoor: Delivery Marijuana in Greater L.A.


If you live in Los Angeles and haven’t heard of Grassdoor, you’ll likely hear someone talking about it in the near future.


Sure, we know L.A. has a lot to offer. We also know that it’s the second most populated city in the United States.


What exactly does this mean?


It means opportunity.


As a name you’ll want to remember, Grassdoor will inevitably make its way into your daily lexicon in the near future.


A similar concept to Uber Eats, Grassdoor delivers reliable city-wide marijuana delivery to LA, the world’s largest cannabis market.


Here are some facts on the legalization of marijuana:


With a 25% CAGR (compound annual growth rate), annual legal cannabis spending in the United States will increase from 10 billion USD to 50 billion USD within the next decade.


Powered by the best tech platform in the business, Grassdoor operates according to its three main principles:




GrassDoor drivers are professional, uniformed, and licensed. All of their delivery drivers pass an extensive background check.



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Woman Arrested After Toddler Eats Cannabis-Infused Mac and Cheese

One of the potential problems with edibles is that they can be hard to differentiate from regular food. Sometimes, this confusion leads to accidental consumption. That’s exactly what happened recently in Arizona, with a woman arrested after toddler eats cannabis-infused mac and cheese.

Baby Eats Cannabis Mac and Cheese

As reported by local news outlet AZFamily, a 25-year-old woman in Tempe, Arizona was recently arrested after her almost two-year-old daughter accidentally consumed cannabis macaroni and cheese. As a result, Alaina Marie Limpert was charged with one count of child abuse.

Police reports said that Limpert made macaroni and cheese with THC-infused butter. The edible was reportedly intended for her husband. But at some point, the baby found the mac and cheese and ate some of it.

A witness who saw what happened eventually reported the incident to authorities. Two days later, the Department of Child Safety showed up and took custody of the baby, as well as two other children living in the home. Hospital reports later confirmed that the baby did indeed have THC in her system.…

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Cannabis, Consciousness, and Impaired Driving

Anyone concerned with the role of cannabis in impaired driving should become familiar with at least one of these propositions: 1. Impaired driving from alcohol or prescription pills is far larger of a problem than driving with cannabis in your system 2. CBD is non-psychoactive, so the concern with cannabis impairment derives from THC. THC […]

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