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Dear Media: Please Stop It With The Weed Puns Already!

Dear Media,

Please stop it with the weed puns already. They are very stigmatizing and make serious topics risible.

Don’t get us wrong. At High Times, we love to see how many mainstream journalists and reporters, how many websites and magazines, are getting aboard the cannabis train and providing serious coverage. There’s a lot going on, and the more attention we get, the better.

But we need the right kind of attention. This is not a novelty act, nor is it a laughing matter.

Some of the leading cannabis industry analytics firms like New Frontier Data anticipate that annual marijuana sales in the U.S. will stand around $24 billion by 2025. While projections vary and other analysts expect somewhat different figures, one thing is clear: cannabis is an indisputably significant economic driver.

Overcoming The ‘Giggle Factor’

With such a large economic impact, we need is a type of interest, of awareness, that can help convince people legalization matters so their hearts get in the fight. Not to get high, but for relief. A belief that there’s a leaf that …

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EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – “Blessed With Cannab-liss Leaves”

This week Craig is blessed to welcome Muay Thai fighter Angelina of (and with some) Blessed Edibles, as well as Amanda & Piper from Straight Cannabis. He’ll also have an in studio performance from recording artist Raeliss, products from Buds & Leaves… and even some Grow Tips from Dr. Autoflower too. Join Craig Ex aka […]

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Craig Ex interviews the Hempire team and appears in-game!

Hempire is quickly becoming one of the biggest cannabis-related mobile games in the world, and it recently celebrated its one-year anniversary on 420 with over 5 million installs, and that number keeps growing at a rate of 20-30k per day! Hailed as one of the most realistic canna-business simulators available, you can get Hempire on […]

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CBD Vape Oils 101 : Why vaping Cannabinoids gained popularity in 2018


Smoking cannabis has been the norm for a very long time. In fact, some old-fashioned smokers still prefer traditional smoking methods not knowing that vaping presents a better and safer smoking option. Vaping devices have on the market for some time and are gradually gaining popularity. As a result, we expect to have even more traditional smoker transitioning to smoking to vaping. Read on and learn why vaping cannabinoids continues to gain popularity, and why smokers are advised to make this switch.

Good for your health


As much as most marijuana advocates claim that smoking marijuana is safer than cigarette smoking, it has been proved that any form of smoking is in fact not good for the smoker’s and to those around them as well. Combustion products of marijuana have several carcinogens and tar in them. With the internet and numerous awareness campaigns against smoking, a good number of people that used to smoke weed have realized the need to embrace vaping for health reasons. This is among the many reasons vaping has become popular in recent years.


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How much money can cannabis tourism bring to Canada?

Several years ago the term “cannabis tourism” was not even a thing, but today entrepreneurs and businessmen talk about the latest fad in the world of travel.

Cannabis tourism has been getting more and more popular in 2018, and it’s not like destinations with highly available marijuana weren’t already popular before the legalization kicked in.

California is one of the most visited places on the planet year in and year out, and the same goes for Colorado and Netherlands, the other two major weed states.

33% of travelers between the ages of 25-34 suggested the ability to legally use pot was why they chose to vacation to Colorado

Source: http:/

The Netherlands has long been the capital of weed tourism, bringing people in by the thousands for years , but considering the upcoming legalization in Canada this summer, is there a potential for weed tourism to develop to the likes of LA and Amsterdam?

Cannabis tourism vs regular tourism

Simply put, cannabis tourism is a particular branch of tourism that is focused on bringing people with interests in cannabis to Canada, and more importantly, people that are willing to spend money on government-regulated cannabis.

Regular tourism doesn’t really focus on this specific …

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Kris Jenner Smokes A Joint on Camera

There are a lot of celebrities you’d expect to see light up this past week. Noted activist and legalization supporter Paris Jackson wished her fans a “happy holiblaze guys #420” on Twitter. Wiz Khalifa dropped a 4/20 themed freestyle. But to top it all off, momager Kris Jenner smokes a joint on camera in honor of her daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday. Here’s what Kris said to millions on Instagram.

Kris Jenner Smokes A Joint For Kourtney’s Birthday

Getting high is for moms and managers. Kourtney Kardashian’s 39th birthday was especially lit this year as Kris Jenner took to social media to praise her daughter with her favorite herbal remedy in hand.

In the video, the 62-year-old mom double fists a drink and a joint. After taking a hit, Kris tells Kardashian fans worldwide how lucky she is to have raised Kourtney, her first child of six.

“You taught me how to love. You taught me what being a mom was all about. And you were the first, you were there first and I love you more …” Kris says …

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Contact high: Is second hand smoke dangerous and can it get you high?

We’ve all heard stories of people catching a contact high by simply being around people smoking weed in their vicinity, but how much fact is there to the stories of the “second hand high”?

Have you ever heard how people got high at a party by spending too much time in a room where weed was smoked and thought to yourself: “this can’t be real…”?

People claim different versions of how they caught a contact high, but most of them are similar in the part where weed was involved and passed around near them.

There are multiple factors that could lead users to think they caught a high, but this happens way less often than the stories of catching an involuntary high.

Often people contribute many of these factors to spending time in the same room as the weed smoke, but in all reality, they are probably just experiencing some other similar symptoms that are way more likely.

For example, you could be catching a contact …

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Make Smoking Great Again

Not tobacco smoking, of course, but cannabis. Once Canadian small-c conservatives get over the fact that cannabis legalization won’t affect their personal lives, then we can move onto the bigger issues. Namely, make smoking great again. Since most people have a ghastly experience with tobacco, many don’t bat an eye when the war on drugs […]

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Canadian cannabis docu-series “Bud Empire” announces Debut on History Channel

In BC’s fertile Okanagan Valley, famous for its wines and orchards, Bud Empire star Bob Kay grows something a little greener. Bud Empire centers around Bob, the owner of Be Kind and the Okanagan Compassion Club, as he fights for his businesses’ right to exist as Canadian cannabis transitions from the underground to the mainstream, while at […]

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How to Make Your Vaping a More Enjoyable Experience

girl vaping

Vaping is now a lifestyle for many people, and certainly a pleasurable way to spend leisure time on vacation. Although relatively new technology, vaporisers are popular amongst health-conscious users, as it’s easier to select the temperature of the chosen substance, unlike traditional smoking methods.

However, besides medical reasons, others simply enjoy the soothing experience that vaping offers. Here are a few ways to make vaping safer and more satisfying for yourself.

Make Sure You Understand the Instruction Manual

Many people skip reading the manual, even though this is an easy way to understand how the vaporiser has been designed, so the user can fully enjoy the experience. Remember that the manual was compiled to guide you with regards the right procedure for using the vaporiser.

While the ‘how-to’ of a device can sometimes be easy to determine, the relevant manual will help you avoid mistakes that can make your vaporiser experience less satisfying. For example, if you buy the Loto Lux – an ultramodern and multipurpose vaporiser that uses magnetic induction –  the manual clearly states that it “distributes …

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