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Lift Expo 2018 Recap with CLN:

The 2018 Lift Expo was last weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and as one of Canada’s largest cannabis expos, Lift was a diverse mix of everything from expert panels, dj sets, and cooking demos- with nearly 200 vendors and over 10,000 attendees packed shoulder to shoulder. As you can clearly see, the host venue had […]

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Jeff Sessions will Fail

Jeff Sessions will go ignored like Stephen Harper did. In 2014, Harper wanted Vancouver to cease and desist its municipal cannabis dispensary regulations. When Harper threatened to use the RCMP, the Lower Mainland dispatch said they wouldn’t cross into Vancouver City Police territory. If this happened in Canada, then the likelihood Sessions will be successful in […]

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Stoner Rules 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Circle Etiquette

Ever since the widespread use of cannabis began with the hipster subculture (not the recent lame hipsters, but those from the 1940’s), and after them the beatniks, and later on the hippie movement of the 60’s, these archaic potheads developed a specific etiquette on how to smoke cannabis in the company of others.

Even though these subcultures had some pretty big differences between them, the sets of rules established by them changed very little through the decades, even to this day.

Naturally, some aspects became somewhat distorted because so much time has passed, but the core principles remained exactly as they were.

It should be noted that these orders of conduct are reserved only for sharing the cannabis flowers with other people, and they definitely don’t apply if you’re hitting the joint by your lonesome.

So if you’re smoking/dabbing/vaping by yourself, do whatever the hell you want, but if you’re not, carefully inspect these rules, because if you abide by them everyone in your circle will think you’re trés chill.

Don’t Bogart the weed

Coined because of Humphrey Bogart’s …

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10 Weed-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers

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If you’re someone who uses the phrase “New Year, New Me” every January 1st, you probably come up with a list of things you’re going to do differently. The list might include things like getting more organized and stopping your nail biting habit once and for all.

But did you know that you can include cannabis in your “New Year, New Me” list? Here are some weed-inspired new year’s resolutions to get you motivated for 2018.

10. Try new accessories

10 Weed-Inspired New Year's Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers

You might be using the new year as an excuse to update your wardrobe. But what about an accessories overhaul?

Don’t just stop at adding more holographic fabrics into your everyday wear—look into new smoking accessories as well!

If you’ve ever been curious about a certain pipe or dab nail, the new year is the perfect time to take the plunge.

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Pot Capital of Canada, My Ass

Pot capital of Canada, my ass. The mayor of Smiths Falls, Ontario thinks the town is “recognized as the pot capital of Canada,” and that, “the local economy is certainly far better today than it was before Tweed came to town.” And since LP weed is the government’s go-to for supply, CEO Bruce Linton believes […]

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Did A CNN Anchor Smoke Pot on Live TV On New Year’s Eve?

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Many house-dwelling Americans sat on their couches on New Year’s Eve, getting shit-faced drunk and waiting for the ball to drop to signify the coming of 2018. And many of those Americans were shocked to see people getting exceptionally stoned on live television. But did one CNN anchor smoke pot on live TV?

Ringing In The New Year Right

Did A CNN Anchor Smoke Pot on Live TV On New Year's Eve?

The Hollywood Reporter

During CNN’s coverage of the year-end festivities in Times Square, the cable news network aired an additional live segment from Denver. That’s where anchor Randi Kaye and several enthusiastic members of high society held and interacted with legal marijuana in front of the cameras. But did the CNN anchor smoke pot on live TV?

The piece showed Kaye holding a joint for the audience to see, shouting, “This is for you Andy!” as a nod to CNN’s Andy Cohen, who hosted the New Year’s Eve show along with Anderson Cooper.

Kaye even assisted one guy in firing …

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Marijuana for pain: essential guide to cannabis pain management

Here are some eye-opening statistics from the American Academy of Pain Medicine:

“There are 1.5 billion people around the world suffering from chronic pain.”


“Approximately 3-4.5% of the global population suffers from neuropathic pain…”

There is nothing worse than pain, be it constant pain or the one that keeps coming back.

There are many conventional ways for treating it, but sometimes these methods are not as efficient as they should be.

Hence, many people turn to medical marijuana for pain management, due to its lack of addictive components and its organic nature.

Marijuana has been known as a natural painkiller for centuries.

Throughout the history, in almost every corner of the world, people discovered marijuana’s painkilling properties and have been using it ever since, for different types of painful conditions, from headaches to childbirth.

Marijuana also has a wide range of purposes in modern medicine. Today, one of the most common applications is for managing pain, be it inflammation, migraines, neuropathic pain, sore muscles, cramps or even spinal injury and arthritis.

As it seems, with increasing number of …

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Guide to a Holiday Filled With Cannabis Cheer

With just a few days to go, and less than zero days left if you need holiday shipping – you can still have a cannabis-themed Christmas, and keep the festivities going through January 1st. That’s when about 39.20 million California residents will officially have access to recreational marijuana, as legalization continues to widen across the nation. So, whether you’re celebrating the California Green Rush or your just chilling in the New Year, we have your cheer gear right here:

  • Faux Marijuana Xmas Tree – Walmart may have pulled their cannabis tree, but the purveyors of personal freedom over at Amazon have got you covered. At $249.99 and free shipping, Brandi Trees’ 7-foot bushy shrub is billed as the “original Weed Christmas Tree.™
  • Marijuana cookie cutters – 3D printed Kush Kutter marijuana-shaped cookie cutters put the “ho, ho, ho” in your holiday. It’s not really the season without yummy cookies. Sativa-shaped frosted treats will delight your guests. A bargain at $6.00 plus shipping, on Etsy.
  • Festive rolling papers – Absolutely enchanting all season long, your best flower

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Cannabis Growers of Canada speak out on Manitoba’s ban on home grows

Chad Jackett, the President of the Cannabis Growers of Canada, called in to CJOB 680 Winnipeg recently to talk about Manitoba’s plan to ban home cultivation- even though the federal government has allowed home cultivation of up to 4 plants. So far, Manitoba and Quebec are the only two provinces to ban home growing outright. Chad […]

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A Stoner’s Holiday Shopping Wish List

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One of my favorite parts about doing the work I do is the opportunity to travel to various cannabis expos. There, among the various vendors of glass and T-shirts, I scout around for the most imaginative and useful stoner gadgets I can find. I’m never disappointed by the ingenuity and craftsmanship I find from tokin’ inventors.

So here, in time for your holiday shopping, is my collection of the most useful stoner gadgets I’ve found in my years of traveling coast-to-coast and across the ocean covering marijuana events. [Full Disclosure: some of these products have been given to me, others have not. But I only write up reviews for products I actually use and endorse.]

The Kasher — A Poker Attachment For Your Lighter

A Stoner's Holiday Shopping Wish List

Early on in my career, I met a young man right here in Portland, Oregon, who makes a little device called The Kasher. It is simply a piece of metal that has been shaped into a kind of sleeve with a

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